Four times farts disrupted snooker matches – including Ronnie OSullivan ripper

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Farting in a confined space is always risky business.

But doing so in public when an intense game of snooker is silently being played and televised for the whole nation to hear and see requires unmatched minerals. Surprisingly enough, incidents where players or fans have decided to unceremoniously let one rip in snooker are few and far between. Yet there have still been some truly shocking moments, ranging from the not-so-subtle to the outright risky.

Daily Star sport takes a trip down memory lane to bring you famous incidents from the past where flatulence has brought chaos to an otherwise gentlemanly game.

Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Matthew Stevens, 2020

Six-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan is better known for potting holes than dropping farts. But the 46-year-old decided to combine the two skills during his Northern Ireland Open third-round match with Matthew Stevens back in November 2020.

The Rocket was trailing 2-1 in frames and 8-0 in points when he got set to take on a red, but shattered the silence in an empty Milton Keynes arena by loudly breaking wind which prompted the referee to take a step left.

O’Sullivan looked up at Stevens and said “Terrible guts” – but then cheekily tried to shift blame onto the official by asking “Was that you?”.

He finally owned up afterwards, admitting: “I dropped my guts – I am taking full ownership of that. I have had stomach problems for a couple of months. I did say ‘Was that you’ to the referee but I am proud of that one."

Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Tom Ford, 2021

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It seems O'Sullivan's world no.1 status should extend to his remarkable ability to break wind at a ferocious volume. The legendary snooker star became a repeat offender at the WST Pro Series in 2021 in a match against Englishman Tom Ford.

Ronnie had a bizarre final outing at the tournament in the match against Ford, joking about with his opponent prior to the break-off and attempting a one handed effort as he balanced the cue on the table instead of using the rest stick.

O'Sullivan was half-heartedly looking to get back into the tie in the second when he let out a loud, squelching fart which reverberated around the room while the black ball rolled into a pocket. He failed to contain his laughter and even let out an "Oh dear" as he moved around the table continuing to pot.

Ali Carter vs Stuart Bingham, 2020

Even the prestigious Masters snooker final at Alexandra Palace hasn't escaped the wrath of farting. Ali Carter and Stuart Bingham were going head-to-head for one of the sport’s biggest titles in 2020 when the game was brought to a halt by a mystery trumper.

The £250,000 prize had to wait as, midway through the fifth frame, play was disrupted by noises many thought to be from a whoopee cushion. Carter was first to be disturbed while he was at the table, before the mystery assailant struck again as Bingham attempted to play his next shot.

The audience were left in stitches while security inspected the area where the noises were coming, until a small joke device was eventually discovered under a seat and removed.

YouTube pranksters TrollStation later claimed responsibility, saying: "We’re pranksters with a conscience. We did the same thing a few days before during one of the first matches and everyone said we should go back for the final. We do a lot of funny things to brighten people’s days."

Judd Trump v Ronnie O'Sullivan, 2013

The Rocket wasn't to blame on this occasion as he took on Judd Trump at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield back in 2013.

A deadly serious Trump lined up for a shot while he looked to mount a comeback against his rival, until a thunderous fart brought play to a halt. The current world no.4 was unable to hold back his laughter as the audience was sent into a giggling fit.

Officials asked the auditorium to settle down as Judd lined up his shot for the second time, before yet another crashing fart shattered the peace.

The smelly culprit was then asked to leave as the official offered a disgusted look.

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