Gronkowski in dig at Wilson after NFL star accused of sleeping with mum’s friend

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski aimed a low blow at Zach Wilson, after the New York Jets man was accused of sleeping with his mother's best friend.

Rumours surrounding Wilson were started in July following a social media post by his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile.

Gile dropped the bombshell claim after being labelled a 'homie hopper' after it was revealed she was dating Wilson's former college roommate, and Washington Commanders man Dax Milne. Responding to a comment on Instagram, she wrote: "[Wilson] was sleeping with his mom's best friend… that's the real homie hopper.

Amid the drama, Wilson broke his silence a few days after his ex-partner's remarkable claims which blew up on social media.

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Seemingly poking fun at the rumours, the New York Jets man went on to post: "Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp. Poor cell service…what I miss?" Months on, the drama surrounding the rumours have continued.

This time around it was Gronkowski poking fun at the accusations after dropping in a cheeky dig towards Wilson when appearing on 'Fox NFL Kickoff', as part of their “Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty” segment. He said: "I’m going to go half-full.

"As long as they can get their QB’s head in the playbook instead of outside at parent-teacher conferences.” The comments no doubt left the rest of the Fox team astounded in the studio, as a few laughs were heard before they quickly moved on.

NFL fans watching at home also could not believe what they had just heard, with one viewer – @youngchris_97 – tweeting: "Gronk did not just say that about Zach Wilson on live TV??!…

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"Dude just said as long as they can get Zach’s head in the playbook and out of them parent-teacher conferences." The low blow was also noted by @jadamsky who saw the funny side, adding on Twitter: "We need more of Gronk on TV.”

Despite the talk off the pitch, Wilson has seemingly looked to stay concentrated with the job at hand on it. The quarterback proved key in Sunday's clash with the Buffalo Bills at the MetLife Stadium, as he and his teammates fought off a late fight back from their rivals to pick up an important 20-17 victory.


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