Huge hawk lands on head of NFL fan – who somehow stays completely calm

Talk about keeping your head under pressure.

That was exactly what one supporter had to do at the Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams NFL game on Thursday night, after the home mascot left him in an uncompromising position.

Taima the Hawk, a regular fixture at the Lumen Field for Seattle home games, flew into the stands at the end of the first quarter and landed on the back of the neck of an unsuspecting fan.

The bird then appeared to be flapping wings vigorously as she tried to catch its balance on the hood of the sweatshirt the fan was wearing, under his highlighter-green jersey.

Taima's foot slid across the fan's head several times before it finally got a steady perch on the neck and head, and yet throughout it all, the man in question was able to keep remarkably calm and although he ducked down, avoided trying to shake the 16-year-old augur hawk off.

"Ah, we've got a runaway!" sports announcer Joe Buck said live on air.

"Get that guy season tickets."

Taima is one of three mascots for the NFL team, alongside Blitz and his sidekick Boom. The hawk is handled by master falconer David Knutson, who has more than 30 years experience training and handling birds of prey and is a passionate Seahawks fan.

The video of the incident promptly went viral online, and plenty of praise was reserved for the fan on Twitter.

@JenGoos44, who was nearby in the stands and also captured by the television cameras, wrote: "Not how I planned on making my national TV debut! That guy handled it like a champ though!"

@gigabarb added: "gotta give this fan props: He handled a giant hawk landing on his noggin remarkably well," and @Riderbabe52 wrote: "I love how calm and rather unfazed he acted as to not scare the bird. Well done."

Some fans however, mischievously suggested the fan was now entitled to compensation, with @DatGrownMan_DM joking "Can you say Lifetime Season tickets In exchange for no lawsuit?"

Unfortunately for Seahawks fans, the incident proved one of the rare bright spots of the night, as their team went down 26-17 to the Rams – a defeat compounded by a hand injury to quarterback Russell Wilson.

He will now see a hand specialist after being forced to leave the field early.

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