Ian Poulter has £18m car collection full of some of world’s rarest Ferraris

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Golfer Ian Poulter has been enjoying an expensive hobby, with a car collection worth almost £20million that features some of the rarest Ferraris in the world.

The figure comes according to research fresh by Bill Plant Driving School, a study that looks at some of the most valuable celebrity car collections.

Lionel Messi came out on top as having sports' most expensive car collection, with an estimated value of £37m.

While looking at an algorithm comparing the cars to the amount of Google searches, Cristiano Ronaldo earned the top spot – his making 117,000 annual searches.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather Jnr had the second most valuable. His car collection is valued at just under £19million.

Poulter came in just below the boxing legend.

The English star is a four-time Ryder Cup champion, while he’s enjoyed success as a PGA Tour golfer.

Living in a mansion in Orlando, Florida mansion, the 46-year-old has a huge car collection, not least being among just a few car collectors that have managed to own one of each of the five supercars that Ferrari’s has ever made.

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His Ferrari Super Cars include the 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, 2002 Enzo Ferrari – while he has two LaFerraris. This alone is at around £2million.

But away from Ferraris, Poulter also owns a Mercedes AMG GTS, a Mercedes G63, a Ford GT, and a Porsche 911 GT2.

Poulter recently claimed that his 17-year-old son Luke has helped with his DP World Tour.

The 46-year-old veteran said via Sportsmail: “You never know with your first round of the campaign and I’ve had plenty worse than that over the years,’ he said. ‘I hit a lot of very good shots.

“He’s not beaten me yet and he’s desperate to pull it off. He blows the ball 30 yards past me and it will happen one day. But he’s going to have to really earn it. I’m not going to just let him win.”

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