Mark Chapman explains why BBC Super Bowl commentary keeps ‘cutting out’

BBC NFL presenter Mark Chapman has explained why commentary of the Super Bowl kept going missing.

The BBC are showing the match though taking the coverage from American outlet CBS, with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo providing the commentary.

There were a number of occasions early on in the season finale between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs when play was going on without the commentators speaking.

And Chapman explained that it is because of advertising rules on the BBC.

The BBC presenter said: “Just to explain something to you, just occasionally when it goes silent, don’t worry, it’s not your feed or your television.

“They have to advertise a whole heck of things during the coverage, and obviously we’re not allowed to do it.

“Occasionally when they advertise a drink or mortgage company, we have to nip out, hence why it goes silent.”

Chapman is joined by two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora, Jason Bell and Mike Carlson in the BBC studio.

The match is seen as the battle between quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and 43-year-old Tom Brady.

Carlson told Daily Star Sport: “Winning the Super Bowl is no easy task, very few people can do it two years in a row, or even two years out of three.

“For him [Brady] to do it with another team in his first try, given the lack of pre-season, a win cements him as the greatest ever, a loss doesn’t do much to take away his status.

“I don’t think you demote him as a result of getting to the Super Bowl and losing. Getting there is tremendously undervalued, whereas winning it is probably a little overvalued.

“If he wins, I think he might be tempted to retire, [wife] Giselle might have an argument to argue that he should, unless she doesn’t want him around the house too much.”

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