Mark Cuban blasts NBA officials after odd call in Mavericks game

Mark Cuban has been a harsh critic of NBA officiating for a long time. He took that criticism to another level Saturday night by calling out the men who have been in charge of officiating in recent years.

The Mavericks team owner was angry with a decision that went against his team in its four-point loss to the Hawks. As he tweeted through the rage, he touched on what he considers the biggest problem with officiating: bad supervisors.

McCutchen has been the league’s vice president, head of referee development and traning since December 2017.

The officiating crew for Mavs-Hawks on Saturday was Rodney Mott, Derrick Collins and Matt Myers. They called 22 fouls on the Mavs and 21 on the Hawks. Free throws were 26-19 in favor of host Atlanta. Those aren’t the facts that Cuban is complaining about, however.

His main complaint was with how the crew handled a late goaltending call that became a basket after a whistle.

That’s why he began his thread with this salvo:

Cuban won’t get any satisfaction from the NBA over that sequence; he will instead get a hefty fine from it. Cuban, of course, is willing and more than able to pay for the privilege of going nuclear after feeling wronged — and of making a larger point about improving referee development.

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