Michael Jordan’s gambling problem so bad he bet $100k on ‘rock, paper, scissors’

Michael Jordan’s relationship with gambling led to a game of rock, paper, scissors for $100k among many other crazy bets.

The Chicago Bulls legend famously enjoyed nights out to the casino and also bet on golf games – even when just playing with friends.

Jay Williams, a former Bull who laced up alongside Jordan before a motorcycle accident forced his early retirement, revealed how the six-time NBA champion once bet $100,000 on the trivial game.

“Think about gambling to the next degree,” Williams told The Brilliant Idiots podcast in 2015.

“Rock, paper, scissors – you bet $20,000 all day long. Why wouldn’t you? You get bored.

“And don’t get yourself down in the dice game.

“Don’t be in the corner and let some dude keep fading you out and all of a sudden you’re down $100,000 and he’s like ‘Yo, bet it back – rock, paper, scissors for $100,000.”

The childhood game is traditionally played to make split decisions or simply for fun – but when Jordan was involved, big money was often on the table.

Another remarkable story of Jordan’s gambling bug was when ‘His Airness’ bet his teammates that his luggage would arrive first at the airport when Chicago travelled for a road game.

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Per ESPN, the Bulls arrived in Portland ahead of a clash with the Trail Blazers and the team were waiting for their bags to come through on the conveyor belt. Jordan managed to get nine teammates to get involved in the wager, and his bags arrived first.

Unfortunately for his unknowing teammates, Jordan had fixed it.

The shooting guard had bribed staff at the airport to ensure his bags would arrive first and he reportedly made a profit of several hundred dollars.

While he certainly enjoyed gambling, Jordan has always been reluctant concerning appearances and deals no matter how much money.

He turned down $100 million for two hours of work as well as his name and likeness being used.

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