Sex-craved Olympic athletes’ hopes of summer bonkathon ruined by cardboard beds

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Sex-craved Olympic athletes have been delivered a new blow to their hopes of a summer bonkathon… their beds are made of cardboard.

The first images of the Tokyo athletes' village have been revealed and the bedrooms couldn't be much more basic.

Team GB heroes will be housed in room-share dorms, each with a single bed made solely from disposable cardboard.

It will present a huge problem for those athletes who are heading off to Japan with the hope of keeping up the theme of turning the summer of sport into a summer of sex.

Organisers have confirmed that they will provide approximately 150,000 condoms for randy competitors to use – despite encouraging them to remain socially distanced due to Covid-19.

They say that the condoms are not for use during the Games and should instead be taken home with them.

Condoms have been handed out at the Olympics since the Seoul games in 1988 in a bid to raise awareness of HIV and AIDs.

In previous years, it has been estimated that 75 per cent of Olympic athletes get involved in sexual activity during their stay in the village.

Swimmers are said to be the most sexually active at the Games as their competition ends a week before the closing ceremony, meaning they have more free time away from their strict regimes.

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In the modern day, athletes use Tinder and set their location to a one mile radius in order to find other excitable competitors in the dormitories.

Before the days of mobile dating apps, private email groups were set up to organise X-rated meet-ups.

The lascivious athletes use the unique surroundings of the village to bag a once-in-a-lifetime hook-up.

An anonymous London 2012 athlete told GQ in 2016: "No Olympian wants to settle for someone who lives two streets away when they’re halfway round the world.

"If you’re British, then in the eyes of a Team GB athlete you’re just not going to compete with the exotic attractions of some South American beauty.

"My London teammates spent one night skinny-dipping in the Serpentine with a gaggle of eager Argentinians. Because when else are you going to do that in Hyde Park?

"So pick your target. Find someone for whom you will be curious and exotic.

"Ever wondered how it’s done in North Korea? This will probably be your only chance.

"Get creative and bag a once-in-a-lifetime shag."

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