Suns warn fans against violent behavior following altercation with Clippers fans

The Suns have enjoyed a successful postseason to this point, and the fans are enjoying it every minute of it. 

Maybe a little bit too much. 

After Sunday’s Game 1 win for the Suns against the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals, a pair of Clippers fans got into an altercation in the halls of the Phoenix Suns Arena in a video that went viral, showing a wave of Suns fans quickly surrounding the Clippers fans and the situation devolving into a brawl, according to TMZ. 

The Suns have seen enough. 

“The Phoenix Suns are enjoying a deep run in the NBA postseason, and while the intensity on the court continues to heat up, we still expect Suns fans to keep their cool off the court. We will not tolerate the violence that erupted following Sunday’s game at Phoenix Suns Arena. We consider Suns fans to be the best in the world. Fighting or taunting to incite violence is not reflective of our organization or how fans from across the Valley should be represented. We’re better than that. Let’s work together to provide a model fan experience that is fun, enthusiastic and respectful,” the Suns said in a statement on Twitter. 

Suns fans have been making headlines lately, but not for all the reasons a team would hope for. 

First, there was the “Suns in 4” guy, who got in a fight with Nuggets fans during Game 3 of Phoenix’s series with Denver after he had beer poured on his head and ultimately left proclaiming, “Suns in 4.” Then, after the Suns’ 120-114 win against the Clippers, there was the brawl that prompted Phoenix to issue the statement. 

This has already been quite the postseason for fans in general, who are clearly very excited to be back in the stands. One fan was ejected for throwing popcorn at Russell Westbrook, another fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving and another ran onto the court. And that’s just a few examples so far. 

As the postseason gets deeper, who knows what is left as the stakes get higher through the conference finals and NBA Finals. 

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