Trae Young is on fire early in Game 3 of Hawks-Bucks

One thing you never, ever want to do, under any circumstances, is let a shooter get hot.

We’ve all seen it before — a guy hits a few shots in a row and suddenly he can’t miss, dropping long threes from distances that the percentages say would be foolhardy, driving between what seems like eight defenders for a sweet layup, and in general just making a mockery of the very concept of defense.

Trae Young has been doing this for what seems like the entire playoffs at this point. And he’s not letting up at all.

Even after a quiet Game 2, Young is off to a roaring start in Game 3, putting the Atlanta Hawks on his back against the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s hitting long threes and even bringing back his infamous Game 1 shimmy.

Seriously, don’t let Trae Young get even hotter. Who knows how powerful he’ll become?

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