Anthony Dirrell responds to Deontay Wilder blaming him for Tyson Fury loss

Anthony Dirrell has dismissed Deontay Wilder’s accusation that he influenced Mark Breland’s decision to throw in the towel during the fight against Tyson Fury.

Fury was crowned the new WBC heavyweight champion after he stopped Wilder in the seventh round of their rematch in Las Vegas on Saturday evening.

Breland, who has been training Wilder since he turned professional in 2008, stopped the fight by throwing in the towel but his decision has been questioned by Wilder’s head trainer Jay Deas and the Bronze Bomber himself.

Following the first defeat of his professional career, Wilder has accused Dirrell of directly influencing Breland’s call to end the fight.

Wilder has also insinuated that Dirrell was acting in the interests of Fury as they both share the same trainer Javan ‘Sugar Hill’ Steward.

‘I don’t wanna put negative thoughts in my head or have any kind of conspiracy theories going on, but it makes you think,’ Wilder told Boxing Scene.

‘Somebody that did not something that’s not up to him, and even when they’re instructed not to, they still proceeded on.

‘And then getting influenced by the opposite team, one of the guys that train with the opposite trainer, you know, it makes you think. He was influenced by [Anthony] Dirrell. They said [Anthony] Dirrell was in back of him screaming, ‘Throw the towel in! We love our champ!’

‘And, you know, [Anthony] works with ‘Sugar’ as well, the opposite trainer, Tyson’s trainer. [Dirrell] works with him, too. [Breland] said he didn’t hear nothing, but everybody’s saying the same thing.

‘A lot of people that’s around, a lot of people that was in my camp, and if everybody’s hearing it and if my people in the corner can hear him, and Mark said he can’t hear [him], there’s something wrong with that.

‘It’s a lot going on with Mark as well. But, you know, we’re gonna make a big decision by the time I come back from Africa. And we’re gonna go from there.’

But Dirrell, a a two-time WBC super middleweight champion, has hit back at Wilder by claiming that he had no say in Breland’s decision to call a halt to the contest.

‘It’s gone viral now, I don’t know why they think it was me, these people are weird,’ Dirrell told Koncrete Jungle.

‘But if it was me, I can’t get nobody to stop this fight.

‘How’s somebody from the audience getting your corner to stop the fight? This s*** is weird, man.

‘They came up with this whole story that I was the reason that they stopped the fight because Sugar Hill is my trainer… what?

‘No where near [true]. Any publicity is good publicity so I ain’t trippin’ most of the time, but when somebody is slandering my name I am.

‘It wasn’t even me, these fools… it’s life.

‘That’s crazy he fired his trainer, he was looking out for his best interests, that’s stupid.

‘It’s crazy, man. People blaming it on everything and it’s not true.

‘He said it was that suit that did it, I don’t believe that. I just believe he had an off night.’

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