Astonishing violence in 500-punch Bare Knuckle bloodbath

The MMA world has been left shaken by a jaw-dropping five-round bloodbath on the undercard of Paige VanZant’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut.

Fighters Taylor Starling and Charisa Sigala were given a standing ovation by the crowd after they threw more than 500 combined punches, leaving each other’s faces beaten to a bloody pulp.

Sigala was dropped on multiple occasions and was lucky to survive through to the final round.

Amazingly, she took control in the final round and threatened to steal the result at the death.

Sigala was leaking blood all over the BKFC ring as early as the first round.

Taylor Starling actually won this fight. Photo: BKFC, KnuckleMania, FITESource:Supplied

The sight of her face was haunting, but she in turn left Starling’s face all messed up.

After five two-minute rounds the fight went to the judges’ scorecards where Starling was handed the victory via a unanimous decision (50-43 x 2, 49-44) where two judges awarded her two dominant rounds where she knocked Sigala to the ground.

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The official BKFC fight stats were truly tough reading at the end of the fight.

Starling actually threw less strikes, but landed the deadlier punches.

She landed 70 punches, having thrown 214 strikes.

Paige VanZant’s Bare Knuckle Boxing debut has some heat in it after the weigh-in kicked off….

Paige VanZant’s Bare Knuckle Boxing debut has some heat in it after the weigh-in kicked off.

Sigala let fly with 298 punches and landed 67 of them.

The confronting image of the pair embracing and showing each other respect at the end of the fight was the stuff of nightmares.

These two women went to WAR!#KnuckleMania

Taylor Starling-Charisa Sigala is about as gruesome a fight as you’re ever going to see. It’s a miracle that Sigala is even in this fight, let alone with a chance to maybe force a stoppage.

The bloodbath was the headline fight on the undercard of the blockbuster KnuckleMania card, which features VanZant’s debut against Britain Hart as the main event.

The Sigala-Starling fight was followed by monster knockout punches by Dillon Clecker and Haim Gozali in their fights.

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