Conor Benn called out by Chris Kongo who wants to face his British welterweight rival next

Chris Kongo has revealed how he requested a fight with Conor Benn, but has questioned why his British rival has “gone really quiet” about his next career move.

The unbeaten south Londoner hopes to return in November following his destructive stoppage of Luther Clay in August and Benn is on a list of potential welterweight opponents.

With Benn yet to finalise a fight against Chris Jenkins for the British title, Kongo has put himself forward as a replacement.

“I would take that next, straight away,” Kongo told Sky Sports. “Now I’ve been back, it’s going to be problems. I’m definitely up for that.

“Maybe he doesn’t? I don’t think he does, or maybe he’s focusing on his fight with Chris Jenkins, but he’s gone really quiet about it and I’m still active. I haven’t got a fight, so I’m looking for an opponent.”

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Referring to his verbal offer for the Benn fight, Kongo said: “Yeah, that’s true. We wanted to ask and see if we can get that [Conor Benn] fight.

“I don’t know what the situation is with him and Chris Jenkins, but if that doesn’t happen, I’ll actually go and fight for the British, win it, and I’ll defend it against Conor Benn.

“If that one [Benn against Jenkins] gets made, I definitely want the winner.”

Benn mentioned past sparring sessions during a recent heated exchange on social media with Kongo, who welcomed the 24-year-old to release footage.

“It was a good spar,” said Kongo. “I knew there was camera in the gym, so I just done what I had to do, and if he wants to put out the spar, what is there? There’s nothing to hide.

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“Conor seems distracted doing silly YouTube videos. It’s bizarre – you’ve got these YouTubers like KSI and Logan Paul trying to be boxers, then you’ve got Conor, a real boxer trying to become a YouTuber. The world’s gone mad. Anyway, when Conor works out who he is I’ll be ready and waiting for him.

“Just remember I’m big and strong for the weight. He’s obviously strong as well, but he’s not as big as me, so it’s going to be hard for him to try and pin me down. You saw how it was hard for Luther Clay to try and pin me down. He’s [Benn] smaller than Luther Clay.

“Luther Clay hit the canvas and it will be the same result.”

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