Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II: David Haye, Mike Tyson & AJ issue predictions

Deontay Wilder’s rematch with Tyson Fury is finally upon us with the two heavyweights due to do battle this Saturday in Las Vegas.

The fight is being billed as the biggest heavyweight clash in decades and fans are struggling to predict a winner.

Wilder, the defending WBC champion, has vowed to knock out Fury while the Gypsy King insists the fight won’t go past the second round.

Here we’ve gathered some of the best predictions, including from David Haye, George Foreman and three-belt champion Anthony Joshua.

David Haye: ‘If the fight ends by stoppage, it will be Wilder. If somehow it goes the distance, then Fury’s been able to take his power, [and] I don’t see Wilder winning it on points.’

Oleksandr Usyk: ‘I preferred Tyson Fury in the first fight. In the second, I will probably be more inclined towards him.’

George Foreman: ‘I pick Tyson Fury to win on points. Millions will watch it, and it’ll probably be a controversial decision.’

Bob Arum: ‘If you’re Tyson Fury – an intelligent fighter and a great boxer – you don’t stay in there for long periods of time with a Wilder, who has that power in his right hand.That’s the way you beat a guy who can fight you for 11 and a half rounds and not win a minute and yet win a minute by knocking you out.’

Anthony Joshua: ‘I think Fury wins. ‘A man who nearly done it the first time won’t get it wrong the second time.’

Charles Martin: ‘Fury’s gonna outbox him, he’s gonna do his thing, but Wilder’s gonna hit him with that right hand and it’s probably gonna be lights out. He’s been doing it, he’s on a one-punch knockout streak, I’m leaning more to Wilder.’

Bernard Hopkins: ‘I like Wilder… late round stoppage, like ninth, tenth-round stoppage. From an entertaining, goofy-type of fight.’

Wladimir Klitschko: ‘Either Wilder is going to knock out Fury or Fury is going to win on points. I think, or I wish, that actually Fury, believe it or not, might make it.’

Mike Tyson: ‘[The rematch] will be a really interesting fight because both guys will have something to prove. I just wish the best for Tyson Fury, I’m a Tyson fan.’

Evander Holyfield: ‘You would say a 50/50 fight because of course Deontay he’s the one who, at any given time, can throw that right hand and he can knock you out.’

Rob McCracken: ‘Tyson’s not daft, he knows Wilder can punch and Wilder’s got ability as well, he’s a great fighter,’ McCracken told Boxing Social. ‘But I think Tyson will win on points.’

From the fighters…

Tyson Fury: ‘I’m going to go for round two. I’ve been saying round two all camp and I’m going to stick by round two. I don’t know why, I don’t know when but round two is when it’s going to be.’

Deontay Wilder: ‘Just don’t blink, period, but be careful in the third round. He says the second, but be careful in the third. Mr. Fury loves WWE so much. I see myself hitting him, and knocking him out of the ring.’


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