Deontay Wilder was willing to ‘die’ against Tyson Fury as he vows to sack trainer

Deontay Wilder has threatened to sack his cornerman Mark Breland for throwing in the towel during the seventh round of the heavyweight clash with Tyson Fury on Saturday night.

Fury claimed the WBC heavyweight belt with a stunning performance in Las Vegas.

The Gypsy King brutally battered Wilder from the first bell, knocking the American onto the canvas in the third and fifth rounds.

With blood oozing from the Bronze Bomber’s mouth and ear, and with little being thrown in return, Breland threw in the towel in the seventh.

But Wilder, who was condemned to the first defeat of his career, is furious with his assistant trainer.

“I understand — it’s an emotional decision — but that’s not his position,” Wilder told the Athletic.

“I’m not being emotional now. For many, many years, I have talked about this to my team.

“They know my demeanor, my warrior mindset and if I say I’m going in there to try to kill a man like I have, I accept that in return: he will have to kill me as well.

“I’ve told them many times that if anyone throws the towel in on me, there will be consequences.”

Wilder will spend the next month holidaying in Africa but once he returns he will get in touch with Ireland.


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“We love Mark to death and he’ll always be part of the team,” Wilder added.

“I understand they don’t want me to get hurt, but I was in more danger when I got buzzed against [Luis] Ortiz than I was in this one.

“Jay [Deas] told him not to [throw in the towel]. Jay is the first. Mark did it anyway.

“I still had my senses. Fury’s blows don’t hurt. I just didn’t have the legs at all to get out of the way and to show people I was still a warrior who was still going to fight.”

Wilder and Fury both pocketed a base purse of £3.8million ($5m) from their second showdown.

And the former champion is delighted with how he has changed lives of his family.

“That’s why I’ve done things now for my kids, to set life up for them, to build for them, because we never know what can happen in the ring,” he said. “When that time comes and things look a certain way, I don’t want people to panic. I want them to let me go out on my shield. This is an individual choice. I’ve made it myself.

“My wishes are to go out on my shield, whether I get hurt or die. My wishes are my wishes. I’d rather die in the ring than get the towel thrown in.”

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