Deontay Wilder’s coach makes bold prediction for Tyson Fury trilogy fight

Deontay Wilder's coach Malik Scott believes that his fighter will stop Tyson Fury within five rounds of their rematch later this month in Las Vegas.

Wilder replaced long-time coach Mark Breland after the former world champion threw in the towel in the seventh round of his rematch with Fury.

Wilder has formed a strong relationship with Scott since their 2014 heavyweight fight – and his former rival is confident in his new charge's chances of victory.

“ Deontay Wilder ’s going to be heavyweight champion of the world for the second time," Scott told 78SportsTV in a lengthy interview.

“Tyson Fury will not make it out of five rounds – that’s my prediction for the fight."

Scott, who once sparred with Fury and reportedly suffered an injury to his ear as a result, admitted that Fury was a 'great fighter', but argued that his man is simply greater.

"Training camp is going great," Scott claimed. "I could have asked for more myself, Jay Deas, Cus Hill, everybody is really happy with the work Deontay has been giving us.

"Retribution is on the menu, this guy has done everything we asked and more and he's really turned a leaf into doing things that he's never done before to get what he hasn't done before.

"He's going to be a two-time heavyweight champion of the world, if we had to fight right now then I'm more than confident he would be a two-time heavyweight champion."

Wilder was sitting in on the interview, and reiterated that he believes this is his best fight camp to date, and he is heading into the Fury trilogy in the best shape of his life.

"This is going to be the first time when I've got into a fight where I've been healed," Wilder said. "The majority of my fights I always fought with different injuries that have happened that recovered but not fully.

"Given that I have natural power it's kind of given me an advantage and it deletes the fact that sometimes I'm 75% or 85% because if I bust you you're knocked out.

"At this point in time I'm all healed up and that's the worst thing Fury could have done; giving me time to heal and I feel amazing like a young man again.

"I'm still young, but I feel like I'm sixteen."

Wilder said that he has been 'pushed to a dark place' in his training camp as Scott pushes him to his limits in preparation for the trilogy.

"Every time we train they're pushing me to a dark place," Wilder continued. "They've done it so much that I've gotten comfortable in that dark place.

"I guarantee my opponent is not going to those dark places and if he thinks it's going to be anything like the second fight, I don't feel sorry for him."

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