Eddie Hall wiggles out tattoo agreement despite defeat to Thor Bjornsson

Eddie Hall has agreed to get Thor Bjornsson’s name tattooed on his body after losing their long-awaited grudge fight earlier this month. The former world’s strongest man was knocked down twice by the Icelandic star before he was defeated by unanimous points decision.

Many proposals were made ahead of the fight in terms of money given to charity and tattoo wagers. Hall said he will keep his word and get Thor’s name inked on his body, even though nothing was formally agreed.

“The tattoo, we never got anything formally in writing. I did try to and reached out to the promoter a couple of times trying to get a zoom call with Thor to talk about it,” Hall said. “Unfortunately he never came to that, so there’s no stipulation, where or what colour or anything. Other that what was said on YouTube.

“It’s going to be used as a tool for the rematch, which is fine. I would do the same completely. I wouldn’t do the rematch unless Thor got his tattoo. It will happen, I will do it in my own time. I’m going to get the rematch clause written up before I do, but listen I’m a man of my word and it will happen. It is quite funny and I can see the funny side of this at the end of the day.”

The strongman duo finally came face to face in the ring and were able to settle their long running feud dating back to 2017. Following the fight Hall congratulated his opponent, but claimed he was injured before the fight and is keen to contest a rematch. "Thor, well done in the boxing match,” Hall said in aYouTubevideo. “You definitely employed better tactics. My downfall was that I saw it as a fight and I wanted to fight.

“In the lead up and in the press conferences, I just wanted to fight and I didn’t care how, where and when. I just wanted to punch you in the face. I was so emotionally involved that I think that was my downfall. Well done, sir. You composed yourself much better in the ring and it paid off. Fair play, you outboxed me.”

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Hall continued: “The commentator at some points said is there something wrong with my left arm or hand. I guess I can only be honest and say yes there was. I detached my bicep seven months ago and I’ve just been unable to use my left arm. I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying it as it is.”

Bjornsson has revealed he is willing to face Hall again in a rematch as long as two conditions are met by his rival. One of which was to get a tattoo of his name, which Hall has already agreed to, and the other being a charity donation of £150,000.

Speaking toThe Sun , Bjornsson explained: “We could definitely take a rematch, I would be happy to do so but he has to do things that he promised. He has to get the tattoo done and he has to pay that money to a charity of my choice – and I’m also going to give to a charity as well.”

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