Ex-British boxer responds to AFTVs Robbie asking him to punch Jordan

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Arsenal Fan TV founder Robbie Lyle has jokingly asked former European super-bantamweight champion Spencer Oliver to punch Simon Jordan in the face for him after the pair exchanged words during a heated radio appearance.

Jordan has been a heavy critic of AFTV over the last couple of years for their ‘low IQs opinions’ and was confronted by Lyle for his comments when the YouTube star was invited onto talkSPORT – whom Jordan works for as a pundit.

“To be fair Simon’s been having a dig at us for a long time, I’ve heard him many times on the radio having a dig at us and I’ve not got a problem with that, he’s entitled to his opinion,I know he’s a very controversial figure on the radio,” said Lyle. “But I did take exception to two things he said.

“He questioned the IQ of the fans that came on AFTV and I was like ‘The IQ, you’re working on a radio station like talkSPORT, as far as I know you don’t check the IQ of everybody that calls onto this station’… it was very hypocritical to me.

“The other thing that I found really below the belt was him saying that if he was in charge of Arsenal Fan TV, that he would shut us down. I would shut AFTV down. Are we not entitled to our opinion? Is this North Korea now? That we can’t have our say so that is why I went back at him.”

In response to Lyle’s rant, Jordan said: “It amazes me that there is a lot of criticism going on in your platform, yet you cry when someone criticises you.”


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Now, Lyle has reignited the feud with a playful comment during an interview on iFL TV alongside Oliver. “Can you punch him for us,” Lyle said to Oliver as he burst out into laughter.

“You’re not the first person to as me that. You know what, if I have done what everyone asked me to do to Simon this what I’d be doing,” said Oliver as he threw a combination of punches into the air.

Oliver (14-1) was forced to retire from professional boxing in 1998 after suffering life-threatening injuries in a bout against Sergey Devakov at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Omen developed a blood clot on his brain from a shot received earlier in the fight and was very lucky to survive the ordeal.

He is now a well-respected boxing pundit and has had a stellar career after the incident.

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