Fans furious as Jake Paul wins ‘KO of the year’ award despite fix allegations

Jake Paul's stunning knockout of Tyron Woodley earlier in December has been voted as ESPN Ringside's knockout of the year, despite fans claiming it was a fix.

Woodley and Paul stepped into the ring together for the second time in December.

They had previously battled to a split decision in the favour of Paul in late August before Paul turned his attention to Tommy Fury.

However, after Fury was forced to pull out of the bout the pair locked horns again.

And Paul's spectacular knockout in the sixth being awarded as the knockout of the year has split fans of the sweet science.

"This fix a** fight bs that’s not boxing that’s clown show gtfoh," one fan fumed.

A second added: "Honestly it’s a disgrace y’all even put this on the ballot. A guy who doesn’t fight real boxers and the other guy isn’t a boxer at all. Why don’t y’all give Rocky the lifetime achievement award next."

"Really ESPN??? This just makes all past and future awards laughable at best," a third tweeted.

A fourth replied: "So KOing people who aren't boxers wins awards now? How far boxing has fallen."

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Paul has already hit back at fans that don't think he's a real fighter, and he has a plan to combat it.

"I want to become world champ.

"Just because – I don't necessarily want the belt, but I just want to be like 'Yeah, people said I wasn't a real fighter and then I became a world champion'.

"What can they say now? Isn't it crazy how fickle the audience is, it's so weird."

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