Frank Warren trolls Joshua and Hearn & gives prediction for Fury-Wilder II

This is the biggest fight I’ve been involved with for a long, long time. Frank Bruno vs Mike Tyson was a huge occasion. Prince Naz in Madison Square Garden was another big moment, but this is something special.

These are guys at the top of their game, in their prime – it’s a better fight than Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao! Can it be bigger than that? Time will tell. We knew that fight was always going to be boring because of their styles. But this will be an exciting fight.

In the US right now, there is no bigger fight than Fury vs Wilder. That includes Anthony Joshua fighting Wilder or Fury fighting Joshua – this is the bigger fight. Joshua came over here and got absolutely destroyed by a nobody. It’s tough fighting here.

It’s the yank, who has been criminally under-promoted and possibly the biggest single-punch knockout artist the division has ever seen, against the Gypsy King, who has practically taken over America in the last 15 months.

This is a much, much bigger fight than AJ has ever been involved with. I think if Tyson beats Wilder and retired the next day, there would be no question who is the greatest of his era. He will be the undisputed. Eddie Hearn is like a kid with his nose pressed up against the window of a party he’s not been invited to. He can’t help himself! Nobody cares what he’s saying this week and most of the stuff he says is pure garbage.

Promoting should be about the fighters. Hearn’s scrambling now to keep AJ in the mix because the gold plating has fallen off his supposed golden goose.

I’ve been saying for years any fight with AJ is an easy fight to make. How many times have I said it? How many more times do I need to say it? If it’s 50/50, we’re on. They don’t even need to make an offer, if they agree to that, it’s on. The problem they have now is Joshua is in the slip stream. They won’t stop talking about Tyson. They were always talking about Wilder before and now it’s Tyson. I think that’s because they want to fight Wilder now after what happened against Andy Ruiz Jr.

What’s key for Wilder in this fight? I think he’s got to be faster. We know he’s very athletic and he’s not got a great defence, but he’s got to improve his speed to beat Fury. What’s key for Tyson? Well, he’s taken Wilder’s best shots already. It’s all about focus for Tyson in this.

Can Wilder sustain being outboxed for a long period of time? Can he take being broken down mentally and physically? Wilder made it clear at the press conference what he thought of Tyson before the first fight, calling him a drug addict and all sorts. Well, he didn’t beat that Tyson, did he?

That’s all in the past now, so how can Wilder beat this version of Tyson when he couldn’t keep him down in the first fight?

My prediction is Tyson will stop Wilder. I think he’ll bust him up and stop him. I don’t think it’ll be early. Wilder will coming flying out of the blocks because he’s got no hope of outboxing Tyson – impossible. He’s going to try and intimidate Tyson and and catch him. But Tyson’s ready for that. As long as Tyson keeps countering and working off that jab, I think Tyson will break Wilder down until he’s there to be stopped.

When Tyson wins this fight, we can consider him the best heavyweight Great Britain has ever produced.

Will there be a trilogy fight?

Conditions are all agreed for the rematch and that has to happen by this summer, June. There’s also a deadline, something like 30 days, for the loser to call the third fight. If that passes and we hear nothing, it’s off.

Why are there three American judges?

The Nevada State Athletic Commission have always said they will appoint the officials, they won’t allow any governing body to do that. They always appoint their own guys. We didn’t have any say in it. It’s a Vegas thing, it always has been.

Tyson might be worried about the judges in the back of his mind. He’ll be aware of it, three American judges put more pressure on him. But the British judge we did have in the first fight scored it a draw. Really I don’t think there should be any home officials when it comes to championship fights, unless it’s two Americans fighting each other. It should be all neutral.

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