Gregor Gillespie rages at Tony Ferguson 'rejecting' fight with him

‘I beat the s*** out of Mike Chandler in college and I will f*** you up too!’: Gregor Gillespie rages at Tony Ferguson ‘rejecting’ fight with him to push for clash with ex-Bellator champ

  • Gregor Gillespie is frustrated by a refusal from high-ranked fighters to face him
  • He says Tony Ferguson recently turned down an offer, much to his annoyance 
  • Gillespie launched a tirade at Ferguson for calling out Michael Chandler 
  • He said: ”I beat the sh*t out of Mike Chandler in college, and I will f**k you up’

Gregor Gillespie has launched a tirade at Tony Ferguson for ‘rejecting’ a fight with him with ‘El Cucuy’ instead calling out Michael Chandler. 

Gillespie has lost just once in his career and is currently ranked at No 10 in the lightweight division. 

He is desperately trying to secure a fight with a higher ranked opponent and his frustration was clear in a video he shared on his social media. 

Tony Ferguson (right) is angling for a fight against Michael Chandler (left) next  

Gregor Gillespie launched a tirade against Ferguson for supposedly rejecting a fight with him


He said: ‘Just got word again from my manager that Tony Ferguson will not accept the fight against me.

‘Then I see you online, Tony, calling out f***ing Michael Chandler, saying it’s wrestling season, bro! Dude, you understand, I’m the wrestler, bro.

‘I beat the s*** out of Mike Chandler in college, and I will f*** you up in wrestling, too. If you’re looking for the wrestler, bro, accept the fight dude.

‘I need to starting climbing and none of you guys seem to want to f***ing fight. Tony, me and you are both available, we’ve been available since one weekend apart. 

‘Let’s just f***ing do it.’ 

Gillespie did in fact defeat Chandler when they met in an NCAA college wrestling tournament in 2009 with a final score of 10-2. 

Chandler is on a two fight losing streak having suffered defeats against Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. 

And Ferguson is also on the slide, losing his last three fights to sink to No 7 in the rankings. 

‘El Cucuy’ is clearly angling for the Chandler fight next, tweeting: ‘The Brass Relayed Your Message Saying You Would Be Ready For Me April/June. 

Ferguson has lost his last three fights and is in need of a win to get his career back on track

‘Looks Like Your Trying To Delay That Ass-Whoopin’ I Owe Ya For Cutting In Line Kid- It’s Wrestling Season MF, Man Up- Champ.’

Chandler responded: ‘Oh Tony. There’s only a handful of guys in this game I truly respect…you’re one of them. 

‘Only because of your tenure, not your stature or your current presence in the division. I’ll beat you from bell to bell. Pray for a merciful ref. We shall see if this fight happens.’

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