Jake Paul sends message to Tommy Fury after £1million offer was rejected

Jake Paul has called out Tommy Fury a final time in a bid to make the fight between the pair.

The two boxers have feuded ever since Paul defeated Woodley in Cleveland, with Fury facing Anthony Taylor on the undercard.

And after their confrontation at the event, the row has continued on social media with Paul making a £1 million offer for the fight.

Paul has now sent Fury a final message to encourage him to accept the offer, after Fury initially responded by rejecting the deal.

"This is the last time I am speaking about this guy, he is about to fumble the biggest bag of his life,” Paul said on Twitter.

“I made you famous and give you the biggest debut of your life, and gave you a chance to shine in front of the whole world.

“And I have made you an offer which is quadruple the best payday of your career which I gave you to fight me, so for everyone at home this is what happens when you give someone clout.

“I have dozens of other fighters every week Tommy, you are replaceable.”

Paul made an offer on social media which Fury almost immediately rejected, labelling it as "not worth of getting out of bed for".

But now the 24-year-old YouTuber has now questioned his potential opponent's motives, as well as stating that "no-one cares" about his fights.

“Tommy do you wanna end up in jail like Dillon Danis, take the fight. If we take a look at Google Trends Tommy is in the red and I am in the blue," Paul continued.

"No-one gives a f*** about you except for when I talk about you or your older brother who I respect and your catfish girlfriend.

“We made you famous, Tommy it’s like Eminem said ‘you only get one shot’ so make the right choice.”

Paul's long-term plan was to create a super-fight with Fury after defeating Woodley which he did by split-decision.

The pair have continued to exchange words ever since, despite Paul being linked to other fights including UFC pair Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor.

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Woodley has also called for a rematch between the pair, and is now prepared to fulfil the "tattoo bet" to increase his chances.

But Paul has made a four-fighter shortlist for his next clash, which does include offering a deal to Dana White to let him take on Masvidal.

"We're talking to four different parties, four different fighters, and seeing which one makes the most sense," Paul told the MMA Hour. "Honestly just from a personal standpoint, I would love for it to be Masvidal.

“Just because of the s*** talk, just because of his name, just because he’s still in his prime era and there’s a lot of personal beef there after I took out his boy Tyron [Woodley].

“Hopefully Dana [White] would let him out of his contract but we’re not sure if that can happen. But for me personally, I think that would be the toughest challenge, the toughest guy and the biggest name – the most relevant currently.

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