Jake Paul taunts Mayweather and UFC icon McGregor over fight purses

Jake Paul taunts Floyd Mayweather and UFC icon Conor McGregor over size of their early fight purses amid claims his first-round KO of Ben Askren generated $75MILLION… with YouTube star planning to be the ‘biggest pay-per-view star in history’

  • Jake Paul stunned ex-UFC fighter Ben Askren in his latest professional bout
  • Paul took his professional boxing to 3-0 after the first round knockout victory
  • The YouTuber claimed on social media the fight generated £75million from PPV
  • He took the chance to taunt Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor over money

YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul revealed his bold plan to be the ‘biggest pay-per-view star’ in history as he took a swipe at Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor for their meagre early fight purses.

Paul defeated ex-UFC fighter Ben Askren in a thrilling first round knockout last weekend to take his professional record to 3-0. 

The 24-year-old, who boasts more than 20m subscribers on YouTube, claimed on Instagram that the fight generated $75million (£54m) in PPV sales, highlighting his incredible appeal.

 Jake Paul has continued to boast about the amount of money he can generate as a boxer

Paul took a swipe at Conor McGregor (left) and Floyd Mayweather (right) over early fight fees

His staggering reach on the wider public, and ability to turn that into huge financial returns, saw him take the opportunity to take a swipe at two other fighters he has been linked to fighting.

Speaking with his brother Logan in an interview on the Impaulsive YouTube channel, Jake Paul explained the difference between his fighting career and that of Mayweather or McGregor.

‘On the next one we’re going crazier than we did before,’ Paul said. 

‘In Conor McGregor’s third fight in the UFC he got paid $80,000. In Floyd Mayweather’s third fight he got paid $7,500. 

Paul claimed on Instagram his fight with Ben Askren made $75million through pay-per-view

‘And by the way no one is this room can name who they fought. I will pay you 50 grand if you can.’

McGregor beat Diego Brandao of Brazil in his third fight in the UFC in 2014, himself producing an impressive first-round KO. 

Mayweather’s third professional contest came in 1997 in Las Vegas against Jerry Cooper.

‘Money’, as Mayweather is routinely known, produced a TKO stoppage in the first round to annihilate Cooper.

But Paul is unconcerned by what has gone before him in the world of fighting and he has been told by his management that he can go on to be the ‘most impactful and most important’ boxer in history.

He added: ‘This is what my management has texted me, by the way: “We do this right and you will be the biggest pay-per-view star in history. 

YouTuber turned boxer Paul humiliated Askren and sent him crashing down inside two minutes

Retired UFC fighter Askren apologised to the world following his disappointing loss in Atlanta

“You are the most impactful, most important boxing professional in history”.’ 

Paul has beaten fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and retired NBA player Nate Robinson so far in his boxing career.

Askren was expected to be the toughest test of Paul’s credentials but he made the display look easy. 

Askren was tipped as the favourite heading into the bout – and has since been accused of ‘laughing to the bank’ due to his reported $500,000 (£360,782) pay day despite his defeat.

‘I got knocked out by Jake Paul – it’s f*****g embarrassing,’ Askren said.

‘I didn’t let the MMA community down, I let the world down. People f*****g hate Jake Paul, and they wanted me to make him miserable.’ 

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