John Fury flips over table and tries to attack KSI in chaotic press conference

A press conference ahead of Tommy Fury’s fight against KSI descended into chaos on Tuesday when John Fury launched into a tirade, flipped a table and tried to attack the YouTuber.

The event at Wembley Arena was immediately a feisty affair when Dillon Danis – who is fighting Logan Paul on the same night on October 14 – came out wearing a similar Toy Story alien hat to the one Paul had worn in his infamous 2017 video from Japan’s Aokigahara forest.

Paul responded by bringing out a giant cake depicting a bloodied Danis knocked out on the floor, with the latter then insulting Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal.

But the real drama kicked off when the focus switched to Tommy Fury’s fight against KSI, with the former Love Island contestant’s father, John, growing increasingly angry as the two fighters exchanged insults.

After several minutes of back and forth, Fury senior suddenly exploded, yelling: ‘We’re the only men on this island, us, the Furys. Proper men. I’m here, I’m in my mid-50s, I’ll take all of you. Who wants to fight me today?

‘Who wants to fight me now? F*** all this s***. Fight me now mother f***er. You’re talking all this bulls*** about people’s personal b******s. We’re fighting men, my son will fight him now and I’ll fight anyone who wants it. Now! Let’s get the ball rolling!’

Just as he seemed to be mellowing, he then found a second wind, screaming: ‘I’m a machine. Can anyone question who I am here? Come and get it!’

He then proceeded to slam his fists against the table in front of Tommy and Danis before flipping it over and making a beeline for KSI, kicking over the table in front of the YouTuber.

That prompted a melee between the fighters and security, with bodyguards stepping in to hold everyone back.

John Fury then made his way over to a microphone, grabbed his groin and yelled: ‘I’m the real deal, me. The father of the king of the world! F*** KSI! I’ll f*** you all!’

The respective fighters were all pushed back towards the sides of the stage but things kicked off again when Logan Paul started grabbing chunks of the aforementioned Danis cake and lobbed it across the stage.

A furious Danis had to be held back by multiple security members when he was struck by his own head in sponge cake form, while John Fury had time to kick another chair in KSI’s direction to spark another little skirmish.

An announcement eventually came over the tannoy saying the press conference had been brought to a premature end, with Tommy Fury firing a middle finger towards KSI as he and his father were guided off the stage.

Rather unwisely, a face-off still went ahead shortly afterwards and after several seconds of butting heads KSI pushed Tommy Fury to spark more mayhem.

It took four security men to hold back a livid John Fury this time, who repeatedly yelled ‘Come here! I’m going to kill you!’ at KSI.

He motioned to walk away and suggested he had calmed down before suddenly bursting back towards KSI again, with six security required to hold him back this time. The fight will take place for real on October 14.

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