KSI rejects Astrid Wett kiss in awkward scenes at boxing face-off

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YouTuber and musician KSI was forced to dodge Astrid Wett as she tried to kiss him after weighing in ahead of her fight against Keely Colbran. TikTok star Wett is set to make her in-ring debut when she faces Colbran at the Utility Arena on Saturday night. 

The 22-year-old arrived at her weigh-in wearing lingerie and stepped on the scale at 127lbs for the clash, but shocked fans when she tried to kiss KSI during the face off. However, KSI – who holds a professional record of 3-0 – leaned away from Wett and laughed off the incident. 

Those on stage were shocked, yet Wett insisted she was unfazed by the moment. She said: “It broke my heart but I understand, it’s ok. I mean he’s a good-looking man, if I had the opportunity, why wouldn’t you?”

The incident occurred after Wett had declared how Colbran’s father TikTok star Simple Simon had ‘wanted me to be your stepmum’. The 18-year-old Colbran reacted by suggesting her rival has a boyfriend anyway, to which Wett swiftly responded: “Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?”

Wett dived in to kiss the Youtuber-turned-prizefighter but he quickly leaned back to dodge her lips. Colbran was left giggling while KSI said ‘no, no, no’ before bursting into laughter himself. 

Colbran reacted to her rival’s attempt to kiss KSI by declaring: “That is so embarrassing, she has a boyfriend. I’ve been to places and she tries to chat s*** saying my dad tries to get with her, but her boyfriend is there with her the whole time. 

“So Astrid, you can’t say anything now. You told me not to speak about it but this time you’ve gone too far, so now you’re exposed.”

Wett and Colbran’s rivalry dates back to the relationship 52-year-old Simon had with Wett, as the pair used to make TikTok content with each other. Both fighters have insisted the bout is personal due to their TikTok relationship, although Wett has since labelled Simple Simon a ‘creep’.

Colbran said her rivalry with Wett is personal due to the comments about her father, stating: “I suppose this is a little bit more personal. I kind of wanted to prove to myself that I could do something different. 

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“I’ve always struggled mentally and I wanted to kind of have some motivation to get back fit again like I used to and do something different to take my mind off everything. It definitely is personal after she chatted s*** about my dad.”

Wett’s comments sparked the reaction as she said of Simon: “He is a creep. I’m answering the question, I couldn’t give a s*** about your dad, he wanted me to be your stepmum at one point so I’d shut your mouth. 

“I feel privileged to be on this card, I’m very lucky and thank you to everyone for having me.”

Wett has been wanting to get in the ring for some time – a fight was planned versus OnlyFans rival Elle Brooke but Wett pulled out due to fears for her safety. At their face-off Brooke brought a coffin on stage with an inflatable doll wearing a Chelsea shirt and a printout of her competitor’s face but Wett insisted this took their rivalry too far.

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