Logan Paul suffers ‘worst week of the year’ through illness after giving up weed

Logan Paul has admitted that he has suffered the 'worst week of the year' following withdrawal symptoms due to his decision to stop smoking weed.

The YouTube star is now most predominantly known for his boxing career, as a whole host of the top stars from the platform have taken to the ring, including his brother Jake.

Paul hasn't stepped into the ring since his incredible bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr in June 2021, where the 26-year-old held his own, and the internet star is determined to make another boxing comeback this year.

In order to do that though, he has had to ditch the weed, and it's not been an easy transition for Paul, who claims he has suffered the 'worst week of 2021'.

Paul posted: "Super fun New Year’s story. I quit smoking weed on December 24, been having some pretty nasty withdrawals (loss of appetite, insomnia, extreme irritability) — by far the hardest week of 2021 for me.

"Then yesterday on NYE, I got food poisoning (which was odd because all I had was a tiny croissant and a latte in the morning).

"I threw up 40+ times and spent the evening sweating in bed… AND all the pharmacies were closed so I couldn’t get any medicine.

"I was so dehydrated that I begged the only emergency ambulance in the city to hook me up to an IV so I could replenish and go out with my friends. They said it wasn’t possible unless they took me to the hospital. Obviously f*** that.

"In an attempt to initiate the rally of the century, I managed to put on my suit and go to the party for 10 minutes before I realised my fate was sealed.

"As I walked back home up the cold icy hill defeated and disappointed, I threw up another five times in the street. Didn’t miss a stride."

It sounds like quite the week for Paul, but the star then claimed that New Years isn't typically his luckiest time of the year, as he said: "Coincidentally, this is the third New Year’s in a row where I’ve been deathly ill, so I theorised: perhaps life has made the beginning of the past few years a nightmare for me so I appreciate the remaining 364 days. I consider it an involuntary ‘reset'.

"Having been physically and mentally humbled (again), it’s only up from here. I’m feeling much better today, and I know this year is going to be astronomical for me.

"I hope you all grab 2022 by the f***ing horns and accomplish everything you want."

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