MMA fighter vomits in the Octagon after painful kick as ref awards TKO

There are many ways of losing a fight in MMA but throwing up inside the cage has got to be up with there with the most humiliating.

Sadly for 25-year-old American fighter Justin Little, that's exactly what happened.

While taking on fellow American Van San at the Fighting Alliance Championship last weekend, Little was kicked in the stomach, prompting him to spew all over the canvas.

According to MMA rules, if a fighter vomits, his opponent is immediately awarded a medical TKO victory.

The fight commentator noted: "Push kick … the vomit, that is a medical TKO. [That is an] automatic stoppage under the unified rules of MMA. Vomit equals an immediate medical TKO."

In the third round of their amateur bout, San chased down a visibly struggling Little and nailed him with a pinpoint foot to the stomach.

He had repeatedly targeted his opponent's body and Little looked a little green well before the decisive kick was thrown.

Once it hit, Little lost whatever composure he had left and ejected the contents of his stomach across the mat.

"Definitely looks like he was going to vomit kick or not. But it couldn't have helped," one Twitter user wrote.

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"Yeah it does," replied another. "I think the final kick just gave him no choice."

Another said: "He should have vomited on his opponent, a final attack."

The defeat was Little's third from three fights, while San recorded his third victory in four bouts – but probably not in the manner who was expecting.

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