Thor Bjornsson will not sign Eddie Hall rematch contract until tattoo is done

Hafthor Bjornsson is adamant he won't step into the ring with Eddie Hall again until the Englishman gets his tattoo.

Thor won the 'World's Heaviest Boxing match' after the two strongmen went toe-to-toe in Dubai. The contest ebbed and flowed between the pair as haymakers were thrown, but the Icelander won via decision after the bout went the distance.

On his YouTube channel, Thor said: "I got a bit confused in your video: if I want to refresh my memory, you said you were going to get that tattoo if I sign the rematch clause. Well, you lost the fight, and you're supposed to get the tattoo."

He continued: "I know you want to take your time, and I respect that, do it on your own time.

"But don't take so long, let's get this done within a month or so at the least. I'll give you time but let's not drag it out too long, let's get this tattoo done. Where? I don't care. Size? I don't care. Just get it done so it's readable."

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Hall had verbally agreed to get a tattoo done if he lost showing the Icelander's name – but in his YouTube video Hall said he would use it as leverage for a rematch.

Bjornsson also spoke about potential opponents – including a cheeky response to British YouTuber KSI. However, he refused to shut the door on a rematch with Hall.

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