Tyron Woodley will 'THROW' his fight against YouTuber Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley will ‘THROW’ his fight against YouTuber Jake Paul because he is ‘broke and needs the money’, claims rival Colby Covington, as the UFC star calls boxing ‘the most corrupt sport in the world’

  • UFC star Colby Covington claimed Tyron Woodley will ‘take a dive’ vs Jake Paul 
  • He believes his rival ‘needs the money’ and called the upcoming fight ‘a circus’
  • Covington recently slammed YouTuber Paul as ‘a snake’ and ‘a nobody’

Tyron Woodley will ‘take a dive’ in his upcoming fight against YouTube star Jake Paul because he ‘needs the money’, claims his rival Colby Covington.

Former UFC star Woodley will become the latest to plot the downfall of Paul, who has controversially risen to prominence since swapping the internet for the boxing ring and recently secured a stoppage win over former wrestler Ben Askren to take his record to three wins and zero defeats.

Woodley and Paul faced off for the first time on Friday ahead of their clash on August 28 in Miami, and the former welterweight world champion vowed to knock him out in one round as they traded insults.

Tyron Woodley (L) will ‘throw’ his fight against Jake Paul (R), claims Colby Covington 

The UFC star (pictured) believes his rival Woodley ‘needs the money’ and is set to ‘take a dive

But Covington – who beat Woodley via KO in his last fight in September 2020 – believes Woodley was ‘past his time’ and now picking fighters who ‘don’t have enough gas left in the tank’. 

‘Without a doubt, he’s picking these fights with guys that are kind of toward the end of their career,’ he told MMA Junkie. ‘Make no mistakes, Tyron has a great legacy. He was a world champion for a couple of times, but he’s past his time. 

‘He’s almost 40 years old now. He’s 38, 39, and Jake’s taking the right steps and taking the right fights with the right fighters that are kind of at the end of their careers and don’t really have enough gas left in the tank, so it’s sad.’

He slammed Woodley as ‘past his time’ and labelled his fight against Paul as ‘a circus’ 

Woodley defended his welterweight UFC championship title five times before a string of losses

Covington has been damning of Paul in the past and recently called him ‘a nobody’ and ‘a snake’ – insisting he was ‘not a real fighter’. 

He called his upcoming fight with Woodley ‘a circus’ and made the astonishing claim that his UFC rival has agreed to ‘take a dive’, adding that boxing is ‘the most corrupt sport in the world’.

‘But they’re doing this on purpose, and I really think Tyron is going out there to take a dive,’ he added. ‘I think he’s broke. He needs the money. He’s got mouths to feed. He’s got a lot of alimony paychecks to pay. So I think he’s just going to go out there and take a dive. 

‘It’s going to be a circus, and we know boxing is the most corrupt sport in the world as it is. So this little side circus they’re doing with Jake Paul, of course they’re going to favor his way to make it a work.’

Sportsmail has reached out to the representatives of Tyron Woodley for comment. 

Covington, who has called Paul ‘a snake’, hinted at the possibility of a fight between the pair 

Covington, who has been tipped for a huge fight against former training partner Jorge Masvidal, refused to play down the possibility of his own fight against Paul – calling himself Woodley’s ‘daddy’ and challenging him to face him.

‘Tyrone – that is my son. So I’m the legal guardian of Tyron Woodley, so I might have to show up and create some chaos, get some stuff started,’ he added. 

‘Jake Paul needs to know he’s not a real fighter. He’s a little YouTube star. He was a little Lizzy McGuire Disney child kid growing up and now he’s got a bunch of fame from the Disney world.

‘But I’m still Tyron’s daddy and Jake Paul has to come see daddy if he wants to claim to be one of the best fighters in the world. But until then, you want to keep fighting these guys that are past their time, then OK. But it’s not credible and Tyron Woodley does not represent the MMA world.’

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