Tyson Fury admits Deontay Wilder has made "clever move" before third fight

Tyson Fury has admitted that Deontay Wilder's press conference antics were a "clever move" heading into their trilogy fight.

The pair met in Los Angeles last month to officially launch their bout, which will take place on July 24 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and Wilder made headlines for what he didn't say, as opposed to what he did.

The American opted to ignore questions, and barring a brief speech refused to speak or even listen to what was being said.

And the current heavyweight champion believes that while it was a good move, he is still confident that Wilder hasn't managed to get in his head.

“He didn’t really make me feel anything," Fury told Gareth A Davies in a rare interview ahead of his bout with Wilder.

"I thought it was a very clever move from Wilder, he’s not the most articulate person in the world but he did something where he couldn’t be asked questions for the things he’d said.

"If he’d come into the press conference answering questions, the first thing the press would have done is tear him apart about the costume and the drugs in his water.

"How do you answer those questions? Taking a vow of silence is probably the best thing he could have done.”

Fury explained that he was surprised that Wilder opted to challenge him to a long stare-down at the end of the press conference, and believes he claimed a moral victory.

The pair had one of the longest face-offs in boxing history, coming in at just under six minutes overall, much longer than most in the sport.

"We were standing there," Fury said. "It was his choice to stand and not turn away for a minute or two and all of a sudden he was feeling uncomfortable and jittery.

"I could see he was twitching a little bit and stuff, his trainer came over and rescued him, all he did was touch his shoulder and said 'that'll do now,' and he was so happy to be rescued.

"If you're going to go to the point of not looking away for five minutes and forty seconds, why give away the moral victory straight away like that?"

And speaking about his game plan for the fight on July 24, Fury said that he believes he must continue with the methods that saw whim obliterate Wilder in their February 2020 rematch.

“Yeah. I’ve done nothing wrong, I just continue to do what I do," Fury continued.

"Keep moving forward and landing pressure on him, landing big punches – he’s the one that’s coming off a knockout loss and one sided fight.

"He’s the one who’s got to tell himself all these reasons why he lost and sack everybody on his time and blame everybody and point the finger.

"If you’re an alcoholic or drugs addict, the only way you can actually move on from that is acceptance.

“He still hasn’t moved on from defeat, that’s what I think is happening with Wilder.

"But he’s not to be underestimated, he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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