Tyson Fury the Donald Trump of boxing and has made sport great again

Donald Trump was in town this week, campaigning for the Presidential election.

He jetted back to Washington on Friday and missed another maverick, outspoken outsider take over the establishment.

Tyson Fury is boxing’s Trump and he has made boxing great again.

“The king has returned to the top of his throne,” he roared from the ring after destroying the supposedly-unbeatable Deontay Wilder to take his WBC heavyweight crown.

His place in the boxing record books is secure and the two-time world champion is the only British fighter to win all four major heavyweight titles.

He draped a second Ring Magazine belt over the green WBC one on his shoulder and five years after dethroning Wladimir Klitschko, he is back on top of the world.

Such an achievement seemed unimaginable four years ago when he doubted if he wanted to carry on living, let alone box again as he battled depression.

Yet he is back after producing a devastating display to rank alongside any by a British fighter aboard.

This compares with Ken Buchanan beating Ismael Laguna, John H Stracey and Jose Napoles, Lloyd Honeyghan and Don Curry, not forgetting his own win over Klitschko.

Before anyone tries to diminish Fury’s feat by running down Wilder, look again at his record.

Wilder was unbeaten and 41 of his 42 victories had come inside the distance. He had not been floored for 12 years, let alone beaten.

Fury, 31, delivered on his bold game plan to take the fight to Wilder and battered the hardest-hitting heavyweight in boxing into submission.

It was embarrassingly one sided and Fury put Wilder down twice as he biffed him about the ring.

So much for Wilder’s taunt that Fury had “pillow fists”.

Fury, who celebrated by singing Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ in the ring, said: “I came here and they said I can’t punch.

“Deontay Wilder said I have two pillow fists, so not bad for an old fat guy, who can’t punch!

“I’m supposed to be an old feather duster who couldn’t crack eggs! I’m 6ft 9ins and have 29 knock-outs from my 30 wins. Not bad considering I’ve never gone looking for knock-outs in my career. I’ve used my boxing skills.

“With this technique, we can knock out anybody. When I jumped on the scales and weighed over 270lbs, everyone thought I hadn’t come for a fight, that I’d underestimated Wilder. Tonight in there I felt like a beast.”

Fury attacked from the first bell and the decisive moment came in the third round when he floored Wilder with a left and then a right hook which exploded on his left ear, causing it to bleed.

Like the Bismarck when it was disabled by torpedo bombers before it was sunk in 1941, Wilder was holed below the waterline.

Exhausted, he staggered about the ring like a drunk as Fury hit him almost at will, putting him down again in the fifth with a left hook to the head and then another to the body.

Assistant trainer Mark Breland threw in the towel in the seventh as Fury pummelled him in a corner and referee Kenny Bayless waved it off one minute and 39 seconds into the round.

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