UFC eyeing Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington in London megafight

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman weigh in for UFC 286 title fight

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards could reportedly throw down with Colby Covington for the title in London on July 22 in a megafight at UFC 291. It was announced by UFC chief Dana White after Edwards’ majority decision win over Kamaru Usman at UFC 286 that former interim welterweight champion, Covington, would be next.

However, the Brit was not thrilled with the idea of facing Covington, who hasn’t fought since March 2022, when he beat rival Jorge Masvidal. Edwards feels Covington has not earned a title shot. 

But what boss White says is likely to go, and according to SI, the UFC are targeting an Edwards-Covington title fight to take place in London on July 22 at UFC 291. The 02 in Greenwich is expected to play host, with Edwards a popular figure.

Covington sat cageside during the Edwards-Usman bout, and the American’s ability to draw heat from crowds will undoubtedly help sell the fight. Covington would relish the opportunity to play villain again, especially against a Brit.

The MMA star didn’t pull any punches when talking about England earlier this month. “First off, thank you for welcoming me to the UK,” Covington said. “I can’t say this has been a welcome place. The food sucks, the weather sucks, the girls definitely suck.

“But I mean, I do come from Miami — I’m the King of Miami — so it’s tough to compare to Miami. It hasn’t been an enjoyable trip. The only thing that would cap it off and make it so great is if Dana White comes and taps on my shoulder and I get to sub in tonight and go win that world title.”

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White says Covington would’ve likely been champion had the great Usman not existed. “That is true [we don’t make fights right after fights], but that was a no-brainer,” White said at UFC San Antonio’s post-fight press conference.

“I mean, if [Kamaru] Usman doesn’t exist, Colby’s been the champ now for a while. And he’s been there forever. He cut the weight, he showed up to fill in for that fight, and a million other reasons why he deserves that fight.”

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