UFC’s Dana White, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard trade verbal jabs amid chatter about charity fight

UFC president Dana White must be craving Wendy’s because that man is always looking for fresh beef.

After feuding with “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver, White has engaged in a new battle with ESPN’s Dan Le Batard. During a recent interview on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz,” Le Batard asked White whether he would be interested in a charity bout.

Here’s the exchange from the end of that segment:

Le Batard: “I would like to fight you, though. How do you think that would end up going, you and me? Can we do that for charity? Can we raise a bunch of money for charity?”

White: “Absolutely. It ends very badly for you. Very badly, that I promise. …”

Le Batard: “What I’m telling you is I’m gonna get in shape. Let’s raise some money for charity. Give me a straight answer. Are you and I going to fight for an enormous amount of money?”

White: “Hell yes! I’m in. Make it happen. I’m in.”

“SportsCenter” anchor Michael Eaves later followed up with White about the possibility of the fight actually happening. White is clearly ready to go.

“Dan Le Batard is a big mouth. He’s all talk and no action,” White said. “And I can promise you if he’s even remotely serious, it ends very badly for him. But I will give you this, Dan Le Batard, if you are serious, I’ll put up $250,000 for whatever charity we come up with. We can do it, pal.”

Le Batard responded by saying he will soon present a “counter offer” on his radio show. He then took a swipe at White by adding that he can’t be lowballed like “one of the many fighters [White] likes to underpay.”

Is Le Batard ready to fill the void left behind by Conor McGregor? Stay tuned!

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