Usyk's promoter claims AJs 'thinking' will be his downfall in rematch

‘He likes to think over everything’: Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter claims Anthony Joshua’s ‘thorough thinking’ will be his downfall in their crucial heavyweight rematch… as he insists his fighter’s superior experience will make the difference in Saudi Arabia

  • Anthony Joshua lost his World titles to Oleksandr Usyk last September
  • He now has a chance to win them back and become a three-time champion 
  • Alexander Krassyuk feels Joshua’s ‘thinking’ will let him down in Saudi Arabia
  • The promoter also pointed to the gap in experience between the two boxers 

Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk feels Anthony Joshua’s ‘thinking’ will be his downfall when he fights the Ukrainian for the second time on Saturday night.

 Usyk stripped Joshua of his World Heavyweight Championship titles when he beat the Brit by unanimous decision last September. 

There will be an extra belt up for grabs on Saturday after Tyson Fury vacated the Ring Magazine title earlier this month.

Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk feels Anthony Joshua’s ‘thinking’ is a weakness

The Ukrainian promoter also pointed out that Usyk was a much more experienced fighter

Krassyuk admitted that Joshua ‘has a very good punch’ and was ‘dangerous’

In quotes carried by the Independent, Ukrainian promoter Alexander Krassyuk said: ‘The weak thing about AJ that we know is that he is a very thorough thinker.

‘He likes to think over everything. He likes to think a lot about how not to make a mistake.

‘That takes time and energy, and that’s something he should not do in the ring, because in the ring a quarter-second equals the result.’

He continued: ‘I think Joshua’s very strong and has huge advantages like power, size, height, reach; he has a very, very good punch, a straight punch that can knock a horse out.

‘He’s very dangerous, but he does not have the same experience as Usyk. He had just 45 fights in amateurs, he became European, World and Olympic champion – a huge success, but not a huge experience.’

The 32-year-old Brit will be hoping to win back his titles and become a three-time Champion

For Krassyuk, it will be experience and mentality, rather than size or strength that will make the difference on Saturday. He said: ‘With Usyk it’s different. Usyk had almost 300 fights, and that’s what makes him so confident. 

‘He comes from the school of boxing and also became European, World and Olympic champion. The achievements are more or less the same, but the experience behind Usyk is different.

‘Usyk has not got that kind of reach, size and power as AJ has, but Usyk has his own advantages like speed, footwork, boxing IQ, determination, a brave heart and experience in his life – dealing with danger and dealing with fear. That’s what makes him even stronger.’ 

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