Boston Red Sox prospect Chih-Jung Liu quarantined at camp as coronavirus precaution

Chih-Jung Liu arrived at Boston Red Sox camp last week from his native Taiwan ready to begin his career in the United States. After the right-handed pitcher impressed during the Asian Games, he signed a deal that included a $750,000 bonus. 

Except, he hasn't seen much aside from the inside of his hotel room because he's been quarantined as a result of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, according to the Boston Globe. 

A Red Sox spokesman told the Globe the team was exercising an "overabundance of caution" with Liu. Of the more than 80,000 confirmed cases across the world, most are located in Asia. However, 57 cases are present in the U.S., compared to 32 in Taiwan. 

Liu wrote on his Facebook page that he has passed the time lifting weights and reading about his new team, per the Globe. He added that he feels fine and expects to join the Red Sox on Saturday.

Boston also briefly quarantined infielder Tzu-Wei Lin, another native of Taiwan, when he arrived earlier this month. 

“I had been here for a week and they said I needed to go back to my apartment,” Lin told the Globe. “I was fine. I stayed away for one day and that was it.”

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