Prospect says team asked him if he'd wash veteran player's car

INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL Scouting Combine gives draft prospects an opportunity to meet with NFL teams for a crucial job interview, and rest assured, the tradition of those teams asking some unexpected questions of players is living on in 2020.

Trevon Hill was the subject one such query this week. The former Miami defensive end said on Thursday that an NFL club asked him if he would be willing to wash the car of a veteran player on a weekly basis, should he be asked to do so as a rookie. His answer?

"Hell no," Hill said with a laugh during his combine media session.

Hill did not identify which club asked him. The point of such a question could be to prod prospects about how easily they would assimilate into the life of an NFL rookie, which can occasionally put them on the wrong end of a prank or directive. The rite of passage for NFL rookies can include tasks as menial as carrying shoulder pads or holding seats on a bus or plane for veterans, and as painful as picking up a hefty dinner check for an entire position group. Washing a car would fall somewhere in between, but Hill’s line in the sand has been drawn.

At least for now.

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