Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians says he will be on the sidelines during games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians says there’s “no chance of me coaching from a box” this season, despite his higher-risk status.

The 67-year-old, three-time cancer survivor said he will be on the sidelines if the season moves ahead as planned during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Once we get a shield that I like, I’ll have my mask and shield on,” Arians said.

Arians said he trusts the NFL’s health and safety protocols and is “very confident” there can be a 16-game season.

“I think the protocols that are in place are extremely safe and it’s gonna be coaches, players and staff being smart outside the building,” he said.

“Nobody’s gonna get sick over here because everybody’s got a negative test that’s in the building, so you’re gonna get sick somewhere else. We’ve just got to have a lot of discipline this year, and I have a lot of confidence we’ll get it done.”

Arians said “there was never a doubt” he was going to coach this season, despite the unusual circumstances. And not just because the team signed six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady in March.

“Especially once I’d seen the protocols and everything that’s in place. Whether it was Tom or whoever the quarterback would be – I’m gonna get excited, I really like our ball club,” he said.

“Knock on wood we can stay healthy this year and do the things we want to do, to get to the playoffs.

!Having Tom adds to the excitement obviously, but I would have been all-in either way.”

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