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Are you a person who likes a quickie? And by quickie I mean shower.

According to experts if your shower is less then five minutes, you’re not cleaning yourself right.

They said: “Showering for less than five minutes may not be long enough to cleanse your body, and can cause bacterial or fungal infections.”

And that's not all, recent data has revealed that the majority of us don’t shower on a daily basis.

Adults in the UK seem to be unsure about how long and how often we should be showering – with the question "how often should you shower" being searched thousands of times each month.

Thankfully, Sanctuary Bathrooms have teamed up with health professionals in order to answer the burning question.

According to Fabulous, expert Abbas Kanani said: “In regards to how long to shower for, around 8-10 minutes is usually enough time to hydrate your skin and cleanse.”

It’s also been revealed that showering for too long can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause it to go dry.

Then in terms of washing every area of your body, allied health careers and community service hygiene experts recommend regularly washing every part in the shower in order to keep germs away.

If feet are not cleaned properly it can result in fungal infections.

Abbas added: “You should also wash your backside, to get rid of any small particles of faeces.”

Not only that, hot steamy showers could be doing more harm than good.

Consultant dermatologist at Stratum clinics, Dr Sasha Dhoat, explained: “Avoid showering in water that is too hot, which can lead to dry skin and inflammation”.

Opt for a lukewarm shower instead as cold water can work wonders physically and mentally.

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