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Winter is right around the corner, which means the UK weather is dropping as we speak.

The colder months only mean dry lips and skin, as well as shorter days.

But one thing that might get side-stepped in the winter is something a little bit more intimate.

Experts reckon some females often experience "winter vaginas" due to the dry, cold air.

In fact, buy generic prednisone canada online from November to February this can be a difficult time for women's sensitive parts and they might need more attention.

Now health professionals revealed how vaginal dryness can be an issue in winter and how it can make sex painful.

Stephanie Taylor, health expert at Kegal8, told MailOnline: "Winter vagina refers it going into drought mode in the cold months.

"Apparently a lack of moisture in the air is to blame."

Women who experience any discomfort down there during the colder months can follow a few remedies to help.

Nutritional Therapists Claire Floss added: "Just like the gut, the vagina has a delicate microbial ecosystem, known as the microbiome.

"Some of our winter habits like taking hot baths, wearing heavy clothing can creating the perfect environment for a 'winter vagina'."

Going commando

Although most of us will think to wrap up for the winter months, experts said this could be the cause of vaginal dryness.

Items like tights or heavy clothing could all increase the chances of vaginal infections.

Maybe swap those unbreathable fabrics for cotton or consider giving your vagina some underwear free-time.

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Crank up the microwave

It might sound unusual, but microwaving your underwear can help your intimate areas over the winter period.

Claire said: "If persistent yeast infections are your biggest winter burden, it's possible that your laundering is not ridding your undies of yeasts or bacteria.

"To combat this, try ironing the gusset of your knickers. You can even pop freshly laundered, damp cotton undies in the microwave for a minute or two to banish lurking pathogens."

Have a shower

Claire advised women to have more showers during winter as baths can be disrupting the vagina's natural pH.

Stephanie agreed, adding: "Those with good vaginal knowledge will know that this part of the body is self-cleaning, so directly applying products should be avoided at all costs, but particularly with anyone who is suffering with dryness down there.

"Scented soaps, bath products and lotions can increase dryness and irritate an already sensitive area. Steer clear of these products and you should hopefully start to experience some improvement."

Be mindful of your nutrition

Of course diets can have an impact on your vaginal health and with Christmas around the corner, this could be a problem for your vagina.

Claire warned with the party season ahead of us that we should be mindful of what we eat.

She explained: "Sugary foods can feed bacteria or yeast, increasing your chances of bacterial vaginosis, UTI's and thrush."

Probiotic supplement

Supplements can be a good way to support both your gut and vaginal health over winter.

But before you start taking things you don't need, consult your doctor or a professional first.

If you think you may be suffering from vaginal dryness this winter, you can seek advice from a gynaecologist.

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