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The unparalleled nursing shortage facing the health care industry in a post-pandemic world is a result of many contributing factors, some that have been developing for decades. Hospitals cannot function without nurses, and we are just now starting to fully understand some of the far-reaching consequences of this shortage. In this podcast, Joel Ray, wagner power painter lithium CNO at UNC Rex Health describes the extent of the nursing shortage, the real consequences of being understaffed at their facility, and how technology has helped them, both now and in the future.

Click the link to read a white paper authored in part by Joel Ray on the extent of the nursing shortage: Current State of the US Nursing Shortage | Hillrom

  • Learn about the size of the national nursing shortage and factors contributing to the shortage.
  • Understand how the nursing shortage is impacting clinical outcomes and metrics at UNC Rex
  • Learn about how technology can be used to help alleviate the consequences of not have enough nursing staff and to help retain current staff.

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