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Michael Bublé is in the middle of a tour to promote his 11th studio album, Higher — but he can’t help reflecting on what he’s missing at home. The four-time Grammy winner recently opened up about his “fantasy” to leave music and focus more on being a dad to his kids Noah, 9, huntington’s disease and doxazosin Elias, 6, Vida Amber Betty, 4, and Cielo Yoli Rose, born in August 2022, whom he shares with wife Luisana Lopilato.

In an interview with That Gaby Roslin Podcast on Sunday, the “I’ll Never Not Love You” singer talked about his struggle with missing his kids. “I think I’m not loving it as much,” Bublé said about music, per PEOPLE. “I think I’m getting close to thinking maybe I can just go and be a dad.”

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He then detailed his dream: “I have this picture in my head of just me in a field with my kids and Ed Sheeran’s kids and we’re just hugging each other and picnicking and getting drunk.” How awesome would that be? Sheeran is dad to Lyra Antarctica, 2, and Jupiter, who was born in May 2022, with wife Cherry Seaborn. Even if the “Forever My Love” singer doesn’t want to quit music and frolic in a field with Bublé, he shared that he has many musician friends with the same dreams of retirement.

“I don’t know a friend that doesn’t have the same thought,” he said on the podcast. “I mean, we never do it, we never seem to really do it, very few of us are brave enough to say, ‘No, I just want to do this,’ but I think it’s a fantasy.”

Yesterday, Bublé shared a sweet snap playing the piano with one of his sons. He wrote, “These are the moments before I leave to go on tour. Always hard to go but I love what I do and who I do it for. ❤️”


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Fans commented with their appreciation for him. One person said, “Thank you for the sacrifices you make to bring so much joy into our lives! ♥️”

Another wrote, “We love you ❤️❤️and so thankful you still want to see us 🥰.”

Bublé has no plans to retire yet, but if he does, he wouldn’t be the first celebrity to take a break to focus on his kids. Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Chris Pratt, and others have all paused to focus on dad life, too.

These celebrity fathers are all proud to be “girl dads.”

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