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Martha Stewart just whipped up a new cocktail that is meant for citrus lovers. She’s calling it the “Cointreau Kiss” and it’s honestly almost too pretty to drink.

“A new and delectable summer drink,” Stewart captioned a June 15 post over on her personal Instagram account. “Good as a cocktail, as a nightcap or anytime!”

As the name suggests, this drink features Cointreau, an orange-flavored triple sec liqueur produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, purchasing folic acid France. It can be sipped as an apéritif and digestif or combined with other liquors and mixers to create citrusy cocktails like Stewart’s Cointreau Kiss.

Stewart combined her Cointreau with Casa Dragones blanco tequila (but any silver tequila will do), as well as a couple of muddled orange slices. She then served the drink over ice and topped with sparkling water to give it that refreshing taste.

She added to her caption, “You could ‘gild the lily’ and sugar rim the glass — use raw sugar,” to add sweetness to every sip.


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The Cointreau Kiss is very similar to a traditional Cointreau margarita. For that cocktail, you combine Cointreau, blanco tequila, and lime to get that signature margarita flavor. And similarly, you can “gild the lily” with either salt or sugar.

But Stewart’s version is great for those who prefer sweetness over sour and like a good fizz in their cocktail. It’s refreshing, light, and perfect to pair with any summer meal in the garden or at the beach.

Stock up on limes, grab a bottle of Cointreau and have yourself a Cointreau Kiss party.

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