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They say fame can be a lonely road to walk alone, particularly when the world of celebrity makes it hard to discern between the true friends and those simply wanting your face on their latest product endorsement. It’s not surprising then that stars naturally turn towards four-legged companions for trust and guidance. Even Hollywood’s biggest stars turn to mush when presented with puppy eyes and floppy ears. 

For a number of Hollywood stars, dogs are the companion they’ve always longed for. These are the celebrities whose dating history reads like something out of a Tolstoy novel, just endless names that you can never commit to memory. But through it all, there’s one lasting companion by their side in the form of a canine that often commands just as much attention as the star walking it. These stars might command magazine covers and red carpet arrivals, but their pooches are just as famous and if you ask us, it’s these dogs that have the spotlight. 

Here, buy online exelon usa without prescription we look at some of the most iconic celebrity-dog relationships that have graced our feeds and why we can’t get enough of them.

Lewis Hamilton

When he’s not behind the wheel, Hamilton can often be seen with his beloved bulldog, Roscoe, by his side. Roscoe joined the Hamilton family in 2013 and frequently travels with Hamilton. Since welcoming another British bulldog named Coco into the home, the pair now have their own social media page which has more than 300k followers, where Hamilton (on the dog’s behalf) shares updates and even goes into more detail about their vegan diet.

Chris Evans

Few things tug on the heartstrings more than Chris Evans and his dog, Dodger. Evans shared just how the pair came to be best friends, after he took Dodger home from an animal shelter where he was filming for the day. Although he had no intention of rescuing a dog that day, he said “the minute I saw him, I knew he was coming home with me.”

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon recently added to her ever-growing family with pup, Minnie Pearl. The new pet came three weeks after Witherspoon revealed that her beloved French bulldog, Pepper had died. Known for her love of animals, Witherspoon shared a touching tribute to Pepper and made it clear just how integral a family member this little dog was.

Justin Theroux

Few duos are more iconic than that of Justin Theroux and his dog, Kuma, a pit bull mix he rescued from a shelter shortly after Hurricane Harvey. Theroux has shared the story of Kuma on his Instagram and boy, it’s an emotional one. The pair are practically inseparable and, even when he fronted a recent Esquire cover, it was Kuma who starred alongside with him.

Chrissy Teigen

Alongside husband John Legend, Teigen is known to have quite a few pooches. Shortly after the loss of the couple’s first pet, Puddy, a gorgeous bulldog named Pablo joined the family. They also have French bulldogs, Penny and Pippa, and an adopted poodle named Petey.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

They might be one of the hottest couples, but stealing the spotlight is Oskie the Poskie, a pooch that even has his own Instagram page with a sizeable following to boot.

Emily Ratajkowski

She might have recently welcomed a child into the world, but Ratajkowski was first a dog-mum to Colombo, a Husky-German Shepard mix she adopted. Given her street style and penchant for fashion, there has been no shortage of paparazzi shots of the duo who make ever the stylish pair.

Tom Hardy

When Tom Hardy had to walk a red carpet for a film premiere, most expected an attractive woman to be on his arm. Instead, he walked the carpet with his gorgeous dog and the two even shared a kiss for the cameras.

Jonah Hill

Hill was all smiles when he shared to his followers that he had adopted a gorgeous dog from a shelter. The pair are inseparable and regularly seen on outings togethers.

Zac Efron

Another celebrity to speak up about adopting pets rather than shopping, Zac Efron shared to his followers that he had adopted a gorgeous pup, by name of Maca.

Hilary Duff

A self-confessed animal lover, Duff shared a photo of herself cozying up to her dog on the couch. Duff is actually the proud pet parent of two dogs that she rescued from Love Leo Rescue.

Miley Cyrus

Few celebrities are as vocal about their love for animals as Miley Cyrus. The singer spoke openly about the heartbreak she experienced when her beloved rescued pit mix Mary Jane died. Just recently, she’s introduced a new dog to the family, Angel, and shared a beautiful snap of her ever-growing pet family. 

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