F1 fans react to Las Vegas Grand Prix being added to the calendar

‘It’s like Monte Carlo on steroids’: Formula One fans react to £1bn Las Vegas Grand Prix being added to the calendar… with some against the idea of another ‘giant gimmick’ race in the United States

  • Formula One have announced a 10-year deal to race in Las Vegas from 2023
  • Venue will become the third United States based grand prix on the calendar
  • Fans have given a mixed response to the news of the race returning to Vegas 

Formula One in its barest form is just motor racing and, with a bit of luck, competitive enough to provide excellent entertainment.

But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s evolved over the last couple of decades at least to lend itself to glitz and glamour, not least due to the success of the Monaco Grand Prix which has been a staple in the championship since the 1950s.

Monte Carlo used to be the unique track on the calendar with its street circuit layout, but now there are plenty of them and there will be another from 2023 following confirmation of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The Las Vegas GP will consist of 50 laps and roar past iconic venues such as Caesars Palace

F1 officials have confirmed the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be added to next year’s calendar

F1 chiefs have thrashed out a deal at the venue that over the next decade is set to be worth an incredible £1bn to the sport.

The race will take place on a scenic route through the famous strip of Las Vegas, where the night lights are sure to set a startling backdrop to the action in Sin City.

As expected though there was mixed reaction to the announcement on Thursday among supporters, with one fan hoping the new track could be an evolution on the race at Monaco.

They said: ‘I think Vegas fits F1 culture so well especially for a US city. It’s like Monte Carlo on steroids.’

One fan will be hoping the podium will be held to the backdrop of the Bellagio fountains

Others were looking forward to the scenic attraction of the venue, with one fan stating: ‘Hate it all you want but a F1 race through the strip is epic IMO,’ while a reply was just as enthusiastic saying: ‘It really will be. Vegas always does crazy things too. I envision a podium on the Bellagio fountains.

There was lots of praise for the project in general too and the difficulties it will overcome such as closing down the strip, with the pay-off being worth it.  

‘Wow, can’t believe they’ll actually close down the strip. This is gonna be some f****** project but s*** it will be so cool’, one fan said, while another echoed similar sentiments, saying: ‘I’m actually so made at the fact that I can picture what it might be like there and I can’t be there. It seems so f****** cool.

However, there was plenty of disgruntled supporters too. One criticised the notion of three races now taking place in the US along with events in Texas and Miami, with F1 appearing to turn their backs on past venues. 

They noted: ‘Do we really need three races in the US? What’s wrong with Sepang, Hockenheim, Nurburgring, Istanbul etc…’

Another supporter claimed the race would be like the Monaco GP (above) ‘on steroids’

Another fan also appeared to hint towards the gambling nature of Vegas in their assessment, but noted that in a world championship there is still no race taking place in the African continent.

They said: ‘Bit of a gamble hosting a race there. Cancel it and go to South Africa instead.’

Another feared the race could be a huge let-down hinting at past F1 projects in Las Vegas from the early 1980s that ended in failure and that the whole concept was a ‘giant gimmick’.

They said: ‘Vegas is not far from me, so in that respect, it’s good. But why does the US now have 3 races (rhetorical, we all know the answer)! And I think this could end up being a giant gimmick rather than a decent race. Vegas doesn’t have much of a track record in hosting decent races!’

While another took exception to another street circuit being added to the calendar, following on from the likes of Monte Carlo, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada and the debuting Miami this year.


They added: ‘Terrible!! Another boring street circuit, dangerous and sacrificing race tracks and circuits. F1 is taking a huge risky shift!’

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