F1 star Bottas spotted working for cyclist girlfriend at Tour de France Femmes

F1 star Valtteri Bottas has been spotted helping out his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell at the inaugural Tour de France Femmes on Tuesday.

The Alfa Romeo driver, who is used to living life at speed, was seen at the side of the road at the heart of the action, helping out his girlfriend's team, Canyon-SRAM. Bottas was filmed handing out bottles to the passing peloton.

After passing a bottle to one rider, who whizzes past at a terrifying speed, Bottas pumps his fist in support of another rider in the pack. The F1 star was also spotted in the paddock ahead of Stage 3.

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Bottas and Cromwell started dating shortly after Bottas split from his ex-wife Emilia Pikkarainen.

The pair have often been spotted together since then, particularly Bottas on the roads of Northern Europe as he cheers on his better half. And the F1 star couldn't resist the opportunity to see his girlfriend make history as she makes in the first Tour de France Femmes.

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The week-long race concludes on Sunday atop the famous climb of La Planche des Belles Filles.

"Since meeting Tiff I've definitely had a different view of the sport now, and I've learned that it's highly competitive and, I feel, underestimated. It's been really interesting getting into it," Bottas told Cycling Weekly.

"The racing dynamics are really interesting and it never gets boring. And I don't think it's actually that bad thing that the stages are a bit shorter than men's events, because it means that there's less dull moments let's say.

"They're all top, top athletes and have dedicated their lives to the sport, and it's always nice to follow top athletes."


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