Lewis Hamilton accused of ‘snitching’ on Max Verstappen by F1 legend

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F1 legend Hans-Joachim Stuck has indirectly called out Lewis Hamilton over ‘snitching’ during the United States Grand Prix. High-pressure moments and strict track limits in races have led to an increase in drivers telling their team radio that a rival in front or behind has exceeded them, but Stuck wants it to stop.

During last month’s US Grand Prix in Austin, Max Verstappen exceeded the limits three times at the back end of the race as Hamilton hunted him down for his first win of 2022. The Mercedes star was doing everything he could to point out a fourth breach, which would’ve dealt Verstappen a time penalty, but his cries were unsuccessful.

Drivers face a deleted lap time if they exceed track limits during qualifying and a penalty if they commit too many offences during Grand Prix, prompting many across the grid to try and gain an advantage whenever possible. But Stuck wants them to cut out the trend, expressing his disapproval of grassing in F1.

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The three-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner has urged Hamilton and others to ‘step on the gas’ and focus on themselves instead of becoming preoccupied with trying to ‘snitch’ on their fellow racers. He told Servus TV: “I don’t agree with what they’re doing because of the track limits.

“I won’t name names, but I wouldn’t say over the radio that this driver or that driver has exceeded the track limits. That’s pure snitching. The boys should instead step on the gas. That’s my opinion. The drivers don’t have to go and have a coffee after the race – because they’re racing! And sometimes you just have to let the race be a race.”

While Hamilton made headlines for his antics in the US, his Silver Arrows team-mate George Russell has particularly made radio complaints a habit this season. So much so that Toto Wolff had to tell him to get on with the race during the French Grand Prix, in which he slammed Sergio Perez for forcing him off the road.

Stuck shares his view and will hope there is a ‘snitching’ decrease in the final three races of the season in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Hamilton has two more chances to prevent ending 2022 without a single race victory, a prospect we would never have imagined possible at this time last year.

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