Lewis Hamilton ‘annoyed’ with Mercedes and ‘tired’ of F1 as retirement questions asked

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Lewis Hamilton is ‘annoyed’ with Mercedes’ lack of pace and could be ‘tired’ of the constant grind of Formula One, according to Sky Sports pundit Ted Kravitz. He has questioned whether Hamilton still ‘needs’ F1 as he debated whether the seven-time champion could be on the verge of quitting the sport.

Kravitz has queried whether Hamilton will be ‘prepared to wait’ for Mercedes’ car to be competitive again as he drops further into the midfield. However, Kravitz adds Hamilton is still after ‘justice’ for losing out on an eighth crown in Abu Dhabi and his determination to not go out on a flop could keep him competing.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said: “Where does Lewis go from here? Well, clearly he’s annoyed. Is he now thinking about the future? Clearly he likes things that are going right, he likes fighting, he likes being on the podium. He’s clearly still looking for the eighth world championship.

“Has he tired I think of the grind of Formula 1? Definitely by now. Does he need Formula 1 now? That’s an open question. Does he want justice for Abu Dhabi? Yes, clearly he does.

“But is he prepared to wait for it considerably while Mercedes sort themselves out and the car gets back to where it’s going to be. Clearly, he considered retirement at the end of 2021 after Abu Dhabi.

“But I think what he said then still holds true today that he doesn’t want that to define him. He doesn’t want a season of failure which probably this is going to end up to be in terms of the world championship.

“Hopefully for his sake, he’ll keep that record of having a win in every season he’s competed in Formula 1. I don’t think he’d like to lose that even with a not so great car. He wouldn’t like this to be the last hurrah.”

Ahead of the new season, Hamilton clarified he did not seriously think about quitting after losing out to Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi.

However, Mercedes tensions appeared to spill over on Friday with Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff spotted in heated discussions.

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Hamilton claimed the debate was just ‘internal’ discussions before also clarifying he still wanted to remain at Mercedes to help fix the issues.

He said: “There is nowhere else I want to be, just because we have hit a rough patch, it is not in my DNA to back out. We can fix this. It is going to be a painful year that we are going to have to ride out together.

“We just have to work hard to make sure we are not in this position next year.”

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