Martin Brundle’s seven best F1 gridwalk moments after Miami GP madness

Martin Brundle has become a staple of Formula One coverage since his retirement from racing and his expert opinion has also come alongside some rather amusing moments.

The ex-F1 driver has been conducting gridwalk interviews for over a quarter of a century, getting lines from drivers, team principals and race engineers as well as crossing paths with some of the biggest celebrity names out there.

That has led to some iconic moments on the grid, with Brundle not always successful in his attempts to get celebrities to talk or having some unexpected responses – something which fans enjoy although he, himself, has confirmed he dislikes conducting them.

Nevertheless, it's led to some classic moments of TV and, with Brundle taking centre stage in Miami following his latest mishap, it's the perfect opportunity to look back at some of his greatest moments.

Patrick Mahomes mistaken identity

The Miami Grand Prix was a Where's Wally celebrity special, with stars popping out of every corner – and Brundle believed he'd found one of the biggest on the grid in the form of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the case as it proved to be mistaken identity, with Brundle instead chatting to NBA draftee Paolo Banchero who, in his defence, spoke to the cameras about the Miami race – then later taking to Twitter to declare he's 'vibing right now man'.

Mahomes himself commented on the incident on social media, posting: 'Bro ain't no way' alongside a plethora of laughing emojis to sum up exactly how everyone reacted to the mishap.

Megan Thee Stallion

Undoubtedly one of the most famous moments of Brundle's gridwalking endeavours, a frankly brilliant encounter with rapper Megan Thee Stallion occurred prior to the United States Grand Prix in Austin last year where she was a guest of Red Bull.

The 'WAP' rapper appeared to be up for a chat, swatting off her bodyguard who attempted to block the question, and was asked if she had prepared a rap for the event – which she confirmed she had not, laughing off the question.

Things weren't over yet though, as another member of the rapper's entourage told Brundle he 'can't do that' to which the ex-F1 driver didn't bat an eyelid and replied 'I can do that because I just did'.

Ozzy Osbourne

Sometimes things don't quite go to plan through no fault of Brundle's own and that was certainly the case for an infamous incident in Montreal with Ozzy Osbourne, which the former driver has confirmed was his favourite interview.

“He wasn’t fully with it, shall we say. I asked him a question and he gave me a very long, incomprehensible answer. I said to him ‘I’ll try and think of a question to that, but in the meantime how are the dogs?’ And he said ‘they are at home s****** on the carpets’.

“It went out live to millions of people and I got in trouble because I was supposed to have known he would swear if I asked that question.”

Marco Materazzi

Earlier this season in Australia, Martin Brundle bumped into Italy's World Cup winning defender and recipient of the infamous Zinedine Zidane headbutt Marco Materazzi – and completely butchered his name.

Materazzi responded to his questions though, after telling Brundle how to pronounce his name, and confirmed he was there supporting Ferrari for the weekend – then asking Brundle if he was a fan of football.

To make the moment more awkward, Brundle then decided his next question would be around Italy's failure to reach the World Cup in Qatar later this year.

Roberto Carlos

At the 2003 Spanish Grand Prix, all the talk in the world of football was David Beckham's proposed transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid – and Brundle appeared to get an inside scoop, though the Brazilian didn't interact with the journalist.

Spotting the TV cameras coming his way, Carlos declared, in perfect English no less, that he doesn't speak English – though that didn't stop Brundle from asking if it was true that David Beckham was heading to the Spanish capital.

Carlos had a knowing look on his face and Beckham's transfer was completed just two months later.

Kimi Raikkonen

While a lot of memorable moments came from celebrity attendants, Brundle has had brilliant encounters with the drivers he has interviewed time and time again – with there no better than Kimi Raikkonen at the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Prior to the race itself, Brazilian football icon Pele gave a lifetime achievement award with all drivers in attendance apart from Raikkonen, who was curiously missing, and was then asked why he had missed the event.

The straight-talking driver swiftly replied: 'I was taking a s***' and Brundle, quick as a wait, responded by saying: “Well obviously you'll have a nice light car on the grid then.”

Christian Horner jibe

Another regular face on the Formula One gridwalks is Red Bull chief Christian Horner, who poked fun at Martin Brundle's age prior to the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix.

Praising the circuit, he told Brundle it was a 'shame he's too old' to have driven the track as he would've liked it, which led to the brilliant response from Brundle who replied: “I am too old – shame you weren’t fast enough to get to Formula One."

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