Seb Vettel’s most controversial moments from Webber row to ramming Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel brings the curtain down on his illustrious F1 career at this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

After four world titles and 53 race wins, the popular German has decided to walk away from the sport, although he hasn’t completely ruled out returning in the future.

Vettel’s most successful years came in the first half of his F1 career with Red Bull, where he won all of his titles and most of his races. It is also when his most controversial moments came. Here, Daily Star Sport rounds up some of the most contention moments from Vettel’s time in F1…

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‘Multi-21’ saga

When you look back on the inter-team rivalry between Vettel and Mark Webber, the phase ‘multi-21’ is unavoidable. During their years as teammates at Red Bull, they were never the best of mates, with Webber often feeling aggrieved at what he saw as the preferential treatment his young stablemate received.

That simmering animosity blew up at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix. Going into the closing stages of the race, Red Bull were heading for a one-two with Webber out in front. The pair were given the instruction ‘multi-21’ – translated as ‘hold your position and don’t fight’.

However, Vettel, with three straight world titles in his back pocket, wasn’t having any of that and engaged in a thrilling fight for the lead. Team principal Christian Horner even got involved over team radio, telling Vettel ‘come on Seb, this is silly’.

But Vettel didn’t obey the order and went on to win the race. In the cooldown room afterwards, with the cameras on them, Webber remonstrated with Vettel, reminding him of what ‘multi-21’ meant.

Speaking on the podium, a seething Webber said: “Seb will be protected as usual.” At the next race in China, an unrepentant Vettel said icily: “I was quicker, I passed, I won.”

Vettel clinched his fourth title that season while Webber retired at the end of the year.

Ramming Hamilton in Azerbaijan

They may be good friends now but that wasn’t always the case. For much of their F1 careers, Lewis Hamilton and Vettel were rivals, battling for the title over a number of campaigns. In Azerbaijan in 2017, they were running first and second with Hamilton in the lead behind the safety car when Vettel took leave of his senses.

Unhappy at what he perceived to be Hamilton brake testing him, which led to him bumping into the Mercedes and suffering slight wing damage, Vettel pulled alongside and deliberately banged wheels with his rival.

Both cars carried on and Vettel was hit with a 10-second penalty for dangerous driving, although many felt that punishment was too lenient. Hamilton went on to finish fifth in the race while Vettel took fourth.

Hamilton said the incident set a bad example to young drivers coming through but Vettel was, again, unrepentant. However, ahead of this weekend’s swansong, Vettel did admit what he did that day was wrong and the pair have had a strong relationship ever since.

Webber crashes

There’d been run-ins between Vettel and Webber well before the ‘multi-21’ affair.

Back in 2007, Vettel, racing for Red Bull sister team Toro Rosso, was in his first full season in F1. Both he and Webber, of the senior Red Bull squad, were on course for a strong result at the rain-ravaged Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji.

That was until Vettel, in admittedly dreadful conditions, smashed into the back of Webber, taking them both out of the race.

By 2010, Vettel had joined Webber in the top team, where they were rivals for the title and race wins. One of their biggest flashpoints came at the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix, where they collided at high speed as Vettel tried to overtake. Vettel was eliminated but Webber limped on to finish third.

Predictably, both drivers blamed each other as McLaren took a one-two with Hamilton and Jenson Button.

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Furious in Canada

By 2019, having seen title challenges fall away in both 2017 and 2018, Vettel’s place as Ferrari’s number one was under serious threat from Charles Leclerc, who had stepped up from Alfa Romeo.

But at the Canadian Grand Prix, Vettel was right on the pace, leading from a chasing Hamilton going into the closing stages. As the pressure ramped up, Vettel slid wide and went over the grass at a chicane.

As he came back onto the track, he squeezed Hamilton’s Mercedes towards the wall in a desperate bid to keep his position. As a result, Vettel was hit with a five-second time penalty so although he took the chequered flag ahead of Hamilton, the Mercedes man took victory.

He was so livid with the stewards’ decision, Vettel made his point by swapping the number one and two signs that are placed in front of the podium finishing cars after races.


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