Sky Sports’ Summer of Sustainability: How Sky and F1 are highlighting the need for change

As part of Sky Sports’ Summer of Sustainability, Sky Sports F1 is airing two special features in this weekend’s British GP coverage highlighting the role both the channel and Formula 1 is playing in helping to reducing their carbon emissions and impact on the environment.

Jamie Coley, a senior assistant producer at Sky F1, explains more about the campaign and his role in putting the features together…

My contribution towards a cleaner, greener and more positive planet had always been relatively understated and modest.

Recycling as and where I could, rehousing unwanted items via charity shops, eating less meat and choosing higher welfare products. However, my wanting to improve our world have been amplified by one simple thing. Becoming a dad to a beautiful, inquisitive and creative daughter.

Now more than ever I want the best version of the world where my four-year-old can flourish and thrive, irrespective of her gender. Where she can live unhindered or impacted by any environmental issues created by the generations before her.

This led me to volunteer my time and represent the Sky Sports F1 team at Sky’s Sustainability Content Group, in the hope of playing a more meaningful part in the company’s ambitious plans to tackle climate change.

The Sky Sustainability Content Group brings producers and journalists together from across Sky Sports to find ways of achieving tangible results and awareness around the environmental problems our world faces through our sports coverage.

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Over the last year, this group has achieved some significant milestones, including making all our host broadcast sports productions albert certified sustainable productions, and joining the UNFCCC’s Sport for Climate Action Framework. It has also led to Sky Sports marking a ‘Summer of Sustainability’ at some of the biggest events on the sporting calendar this week, including the British Grand Prix.

Formula 1 shares Sky’s ambition to be net zero carbon by 2030, so the two are coming together at Silverstone to highlight the need for change and showcase what both organisations are doing to reducing their carbon emissions and impact on the environment.

As a producer for Sky Sports F1, my part in this is helping to tell the great stories of how Sky and F1 are going green. The best person to showcase the great work F1 has done and continues to do to improve its environmental impact, which for a petrol sport is no way easy feat, is Nico Rosberg who I filmed a special feature with that airs during this weekend’s coverage at Silverstone.

Rosberg is the 2016 world champion, one of Sky F1’s pundits and as it turns out, a very nice guy. Since leaving F1, he also happens to have become one of the biggest campaigners and advocates for the fight against climate change.

He has invested in numerous green start-ups and has even created his own team for the fully electric racing series, Extreme E.

Rosberg is now globally recognised for his work in this area and has also turned his attention to environmentally friendly technology, creating the GreenTech Festival, now in its third year. Nico will also be a keynote speaker at COP26 Climate Change Summit later this year, of which Sky is a Principal Media Partner.

In another feature, we’ve also explored how, in its 70-year history, F1 has pioneered numerous technologies and innovations that have helped to reduce carbon emissions, with hybrid engines one of their most successful achievements.

The current hybrid power unit is the most efficient in the world, delivering more power using less fuel and less CO2 than any other road car.

Like Sky, F1 has recognised the critical role that all organisations can play in tackling global issues and with so many talented and passionate individuals from both sides working together towards the same goal, I’m sure we’ll see a significant and positive impact on the environment.

Sky Zero key messaging

  • We’re going net zero carbon by 2030
  • We believe in a better world. From being the first media company to go carbon neutral, to launching the world’s first auto-standby set-top box
  • At Sky, we’ve been committed to reducing our impact on the environment for 15 years. Now we’re going further, helping our customers and suppliers do less harm too, and becoming net zero carbon by 2030
  • Net zero means doing zero harm to the planet through carbon emissions. Because the world can’t wait

Search Sky Zero to find out more and see what you can do.

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